Thursday, 8 October 2015

Invite a fairy into your home ! (The Irish Fairy Door Company review)

As you can see from his face, Pierre was very excited when the postman dropped off a big box from The Irish Fairy Door Company.

Inside the box, you get everything you need to welcome a fairy into your home - a cute little door, a tiny key, three little wooden log stepping stones and a little message pad. No batteries required, just a bit of your child's imagination !

The instructions on the back of the box explain how it all works. First pick a special place to put your fairy door and stepping stones (such as just outside a child's bedroom door) and leave the magic key beside it. If the magic key is gone in the morning, your fairy has arrived. Register your fairy's name and unlock a world of imagination from Fairy Valley.

Pierre got incredibly excited about the tiny key - so small it HAS to be a fairy key, as he quite rightly pointed out.

He was actually a bit disappointed when he learnt that the fairy would be taking away the special key so we decided to ask her to leave it next to the door instead !

We carefully chose our spot then put the door up against the skirting board and arranged the logs, note pad and key around it. There is a secret code in the box which allows you to register your fairy - this gives you access to the Magical Matters area of the website, which offers lots of lovely content such as fairy stories, fairy FAQs and a gallery. There is also a Fairy Welcome Guide in the box which you can sit down and read together.

 We decided that this would be a magical portal for the House Fairy to use - if you don't know this fantastic creation, she is a lovely fairy who comes to visit your child's room, leaving a little gift/sweet/note if it's tidy. Since the fairy door has been installed, Pierre keeps disappearing to his room then coming back, knocking on the door and calling out "House Fairy, I've put away 20 things in my room, you can come and visit" ! The look of wonderment on his face when he discovers a little note or a lollipop from the House Fairy is totally priceless !

The doors are available in a variety of colours and shapes, and there are even extra accessories that you can buy, such as a washing line full of fairy clothes, a welcome mat and fairy-sized treats plates. Every home (with an under 8) should have one !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : €24.95 (including free worldwide shipping)

for more information :

 Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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