Tuesday 26 January 2016

An easy way to tick off one of your five a day ! (Princes fruit juice review)

Here at The Madhouse, the kids love drinking fruit juice so they were delighted to receive a selection of 100% pure juice drinks from Princes to get the day off to a great start. As a 150ml serving delivers one of your five-a-day, they can instantly tick off one of their fruit and veg portions before they've even got down from the breakfast table !

We all love orange juice but Pierre and Juliette aren't keen on juices "with bits" so they loved the 100% Pure Smooth Orange Juice. (There is an Orange Juice With Bits if you prefer that though.)  They all also absolutely loved both the Apple Juice and the Apple & Raspberry Juices, although I did find them to be a bit too sweet for my tastes. All that sweetness comes from the fruit though as they have no added sugar and also no preservatives. They are made from concentrate and the Apple & Raspberry is a mixture of apple juice from concentrate and raspberry puree.

They are lovely chilled but the cartons can be stored in the cupboard before you open them (although once opened, the juices need to go in the fridge and be used within three days). A 150ml serving provides 66 calories, which is actually lower than I expected.

As this week is Breakfast Week and it's the perfect time to #ShakeUpYourWakeUp, we also decided to make some overnight oats using the juices. Just pour some of your favourite juice (we used apple) onto some porridge oats and leave overnight in the fridge. Top with fruit compote or slices of banana in the morning and you'll have a gorgeous breakfast that takes just seconds to prepare.

Disclosure : We received a selection of Princes juices in order to write an honest review.

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