Friday 8 January 2016

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 8/1/16

My freezer is overstuffed so I'm on a mission to make some space in there this week. I also want to try some of the recipes from my Russian-themed Kitchen Trotter box.


lunch -  smoked sausage and bean stew (with red/green peppers, onions, mushrooms, ...)

dinner - tamales for the grownups, frozen pizza for the kids


lunch - roast chicken with Brussels sprouts, roast potatoes and roast root veg

dinner - smoked salmon & cream cheese bagels


dinner - special fried rice


dinner - fish fillets from the freezer with leeks and rice


lunch - potato waffles with fried eggs, bacon and peas or beans

dinnerbeef stroganoff with toasted buckwheat & red cabbage with beetroot


dinner - haggis with root veg mash & whisky cream


dinner - beetroot & horseradish salad with Zakouskis - sprats, tomato and onion on bread

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