Monday 11 January 2016

Globecooking recipe : Horseradish Beetroot Salad (Russia)

One of the ingredients in last month's Russian-themed Kitchen Trotter kit was horseradish. I've only ever come across horseradish on the supermarket shelves in jars of horseradish sauce but in the kit was a jar of horseradish powder.

The first recipe (it's so simple, I'd say it barely warrants the name !) is for Horseradish Beetroot Salad. Take a cooked beetroot (preferably not of the pickled variety), slice it and sprinkle with salt, pepper, vinegar and 1tsp of horseradish.

I served it on a bed of iceberg lettuce and scattered over some grilled onions for extra flavour and crunch. It was a lovely light lunch after all the festive over-indulgence.

The horseradish reminds me of mustard powder - it fizzes up your nose rather than burning your tongue and throat like chilli heat. If you want a more developed horseradish flavour and spiciness, you can add it to the beetroot and leave overnight, but the mild hit from serving it immediately was perfect for me.

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  1. I absolutely love Beetroot, it's one of my favourite foods.

    Kirsty Fox

  2. I love horseraddish sauce, intrigued by the sprinkle on powder. Looks like one to try

  3. I love beetroot, so this looks well worth a try!

  4. In all my life in Russia I have never come across the dried horseradish. :) Most people I know would use a fresh root and grate it, or buy the horseradish preserve in jars, which is very hot, so you'll need just the tiny bit, and even that would make your eyes water.

    1. I was intrigued to see what you'd say ! ;-) I thought the Russian recipes were a bit overly simple in this kit. I'll have to figure out what to do with the rest of the powdered horseradish now ! lol

    2. There is a great difference in taste when you use powdered garlic, ginger and horseradish instead of fresh or frozen. At the end you will have to throw away the powders version. If you have more which you cannot use in a short time put in plastic egg trays and freeze.

    3. Totally agree but I don't like horseradish much - I find it too strong - so I actually prefer the powdered version as it's less potent. :)


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