Wednesday 6 January 2016

New clothes for the New Year (Vertbaudet review)

While Juliette was excitedly wrapping herself up in layers and layers of new skiwear from Vertbaudet for her upcoming class skiing trip, Pierre disappeared under the table and popped out proudly wearing the new pair of jeans and T-shirt that he had found in the parcel ! I always think that getting excited about clothes is more a girlie thing (unless you're Kanye West !) so it always makes makes me smile to see how enthusiastic Pierre is when he gets something new to wear !

Both Madhouse Daddy and I have a love of all things American (he was lucky enough to spend a year in Washington DC as an au pair and I promised myself I'd go back one day and discover some more of the country after our East Coast honeymoon all the way back in 2000) so we thought the T-shirt design was very cool, but so did Pierre so it must be the bright colours that appeal to kids as much as what it stands for ! It's great quality and still looked in perfect condition when it came out of the wash. The contrasting edging at the sleeves and neckline gives it a funky layered look too.

I giggled when I saw the name of the second item of clothing - "boy's lined indestructible jeans" ! Well, Pierre has managed to trash several pairs of jeans in his six years of life, mainly by making big holes in the knees from all the rough and tumble play outside (and I'd have it no other way !) so I went to investigate what this name actually means.

Apparently they are made from indestructible denim fabric, tested and certified by Bureau Veritas after an abrasion-resistance test and a test for the presence of potentially hazardous chemicals. They do feel very thick and good-quality, without compromising on comfort, especially as they have an adjustable and fully elasticated waistband and a jersey lining.

Vertbaudet are currenty having a sale so there are some great bargains to be had - both of these items have 30% off at the moment.

Boy’s Short Sleeved T shirt£7 (currently 30% off so £4.90)
Boy’s Lined Indestructible Jeans£18 (currently 30% off so £12.60)

Disclosure : We rceived the products in order to write an honest review.

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