Sunday 24 January 2016

Globecooking recipe : Zakouskis (Russia)

Sometimes exotic-sounding names hide the simplest of dishes and such was the case in last month's Russian-themed Kitchen Trotter box. Zakouskis, which remind me of Spanish tapas, are simple appetisers made up of  fish, cured meats, caviar, salads .. 

In the box was a tin of sprats. I love the authentic Russian packaging.

The recipe in the box  was for sprats, tomato and onion on buttered toasted bread. That's it !

It was very simple but very tasty. That said, I would have liked some more complex recipes in this box - the Beetroot & Horseradish Salad was equally simple and barely warranted a recipe.

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If you fancy trying some other Russian dishes, how about Beef Stroganoff with Toasted BuckwheatHorseradish Beetroot Salad or Kissel?


  1. I'd say it is not the most typical way to serve sprats in Russia. Choose a rye bread, slice thinly, spread a bit of butter, add a sliced cucumber, fresh or pickled and top with the sprat. Maybe add a thin slice of onion, spring onion or fresh flat parsley. And yes, zakuski are just like tapas, mini-appetizers of all kinds. :)

    1. Sounds good :) I was intrigued to see what you'd say about the recipe - it didn't sound very Russian to me !


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