Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Geocaching diaries : Easy come, not so easy go !

All the way back in August, I picked up a trio of travelbugs when we were geocaching in Lanzarote on our summer holiday. When we got back, I went on a geocaching trip around a local lake and managed to drop off two of them. I didn't find a cache big enough to hide the third one in though, so I brought it back home and decided to drop it off the next time we went out. Well, it's turned into a bit of an in-joke because every time we find a cache, they're too small.

It's definitely not going to fit in here !

Nope, it's not going in there either !

We even went out of our way to visit some of the bigger caches that we'd already found, but try as we might, there was just no container big enough for it.

Well, yesterday, I FINALLY  found a new hiding place for it in Dunkirk town centre - lots of space in here, phew !

I love the story behind this travelbug - the painting was done by Zak and his parents dropped it off in Marrakech, hoping it would find its way back home to them in Bury in the northwest of England. Since then, it's been to London, Cardiff, back to London, up north to Manchester, Stafford and then ... yay ! ... back to Bury ! From there it was sent back out, landing in Lanzarote where we found it and brought it to Northern France. From here, it's quite possible than some UK geocachers will find it and take it back closer to home again.

I thought Zak might like to see where his travelbug has been, so I took a few photos just opposite the cache that I dropped it off in. Here's the Princesse Elizabeth boat which was one of the Little Ships, used in the evacuation of Dunkirk during World War II, and soon to feature in the Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk that will be released this summer.

There is also a big three master ship permanently moored here, called the Duchesse Anne. It's part of the maritime museum and you can go on it.

The name of this yacht made me laugh too because Belle Lurette means Donkey's Years and that's how long we've had the travelbug for ! I'm looking forward to seeing where it ends up next !

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