Friday, 20 January 2017

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 20/1

Last week, I sat down and went through all my old Kitchen Trotter recipe booklets to see what I can make again, to use up odds and ends of jars and packets, and also to see if there are any recipes that got overlooked and therefore have random ingredients cluttering up the cupboards. I'll be incorporating some of these into my menu plans over the coming weeks, as well as continuing my concerted effort to work through bookmarked recipes.


lunch - it's the weekend so I get a morning off - McDonald's for the soft play and a chicken Caesar salad, if I'm feeling healthy. I'm rather partial to their chicken and bacon wraps though so we'll see !

dinner - homemade soup - maybe French onion if I can be bothered with peeling a million onions. I might drag the bread machine out too


lunch - roast dinner, maybe with rice instead of potatoes for a change

dinner -  leftover soup


dinner - chakalaka, a veggie African dish, but I might incorporate leftover meat from the roast - served with couscous or mash to tame things down if it comes out too spicy !


dinner - chicken with Bisquik dumplings (I still have a box of this US baking mixture to use up - it's similar to flour but has extras (baking powder, etc) so it's hit and miss when used in baking !), boiled potatoes and peas


lunch - savoury palmiers (rolled puff pastry) - not sure what to put in them but possibly tuna or cheese, with a jar of relish that needs using up - served with rice and veg or salad, or possibly raita (a creamy cucumber/tomato salad)

dinner - goulash and spaetzle from my Austrian box


dinner - kibe de carne (Brazilian meatballs) with aish baladi (Egyptian pitta bread) and chermoula-spiced carrots (Moroccan inspired) - how's that for fusion food ?!


dinner - I'm guessing there will be a fridge full of leftovers - if not, pizza or spag bol

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