Monday 23 October 2017

Easy SMX Kids Safe headphones review

Easy SMX recently sent us a pair of their Kids Safe headphones to try out. They are volume-limited headphones designed for children aged 2-12, which restrict noise levels to 85dB. They totally block out the sound of whatever Pierre is listening to (usually silly Youtube videos that end up annoying me if he's sitting next to me watching them while I'm doing my marking or blogging !) and they are loud enough for him to block out any external sounds, such as the TV, vacuum cleaner or conversations, but they are quiet enough that he can hear me talking to him - not the actual words but he is always aware that I have said something and he slips them off his ears to hear what I had to say.

They are perfectly adapted to a child's morphology. 8-year-old Pierre finds them incredibly comfortable to wear, even for long periods (they'll be great for long journeys in the car, such as our regular eight-hour drive down to Brittany to see the in-laws), although 12-year-old Juliette found them a bit too tight after wearing them for too long.

They have an adjustable strap so you can get the perfect fit for the size of your child's head and not worry about him/her growing out of them too quickly. The ear part is wonderfully squishy and soft - it feels like it's giving your ears a big hug and doesn't squash them uncomfortably. As the strap and attachments are plastic, not metal, we have no problems with them ripping out clumps of hair when you pull them off, which is a problem I remember from the big, chunky headphones from my own 1980's childhood.

They are very light (240g) and look to be very hard-wearing (the advert shows them being stretched and twisted, but we haven't actually tried this). They have a reasonable length of cable - you'd need to keep an eye on younger children because there is enough length to pose a safety risk, if left unattended - and the jack has been used on Juliette's phone and both an Android tablet and ipad. The quality of the sound is great - it's very crisp and clear.

As well as the blue/yellow design that we requested, they are available in a girly pink version with a heart design. In terms of materials, the product description says they are made with a high quality polycarbonate headband, soft protein leather cushion ear pads and an environment-friendly plastic outer shell.

They have a RRP of £31.99 but are available on amazon for £9.99, which is a great price. They're perfect for travelling or, if you're a parent who gives your child an ipad or smartphone in restaurants to keep them quiet, they'd be great for avoiding sighs and snotty looks from fellow diners ! I also love the fact that, when the kids' cartoons are starting to get on my nerves, I can ask them to use the headphones and give me some peace and quiet, while not having to worry about them turning the sound up too loud and damaging their hearing.

The only slight niggle that some customers have reported in their online feedback is that the yellow (or pink) leather earphone covering can be pulled off, much to the delight of cheeky toddlers who like to be destructive. It looks easy enough to slip back on though and this may even be done on purpose for easier cleaning.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £31.99 (currently £9.99 on amazon)

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. I think I'll buy some of these, I know what you mean by annoying you tube videos. My youngest figured out how to cast them to our tv the other day so it's even worse! And it's the same videos he watches every time aaarrgghhh

    1. Yes ! Over and over again - and he still giggles every time ! lol

  2. These sound really good and a bargain at that reduced price!

  3. Lovely review, Megan had frozen ones, but the wire is lose so there temperamental, I have to get her a new set for Christmas as she loves listening to music xXx

    1. Everyone's talking about Christmas - I'm starting to feel very unorganised !!


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