Sunday, 1 October 2017

Num Noms Surprise In A Jar (review)

Num Noms have added a cute new product to their range of foodie-inspired toys - the Num Noms Surprise In A Jar, which is a soft and huggable plush toy squashed inside a reusable jar.

You can get a fairly good idea of what the toy will look like by looking through the jar, but what you don't discover until it is pulled out is how lovely it smells. The plush versions are just as sweetly-fragranced as their smaller rubbery friends.

The Mason jar can be reused for storing all of your child's special treasures (that invariably end up scattered across the bedroom floor), such as shells collected from the beach, shiny stones or "jewels", or even for saving up their pennies (to buy more Num Noms ?!).

 At this time of year, the Madhouse kids can never resist filling their pockets with conkers on the way home from school and we never know what to do with them, so this is a lovely way to display them (and when the jar is full, I can say "that's enough now, no more" !). It's also great as a pen pot or it could be used for storing Num Noms, of course. Juliette is also desperately trying to convince me that filling up the whole jar with homemade slime would be a fun project - hmmmm I'm not so sure about that one !

There are various characters available to collect. I hope Father Christmas is paying attention because these are going to make a lot of little girls very happy !

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. I have not come accross them before. Lovely jars. My daughter is a big fan.


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