Monday 2 October 2017

Strictly stylish with the Gel-A-Peel Fashion Station (review) #StrictlyComeGelAPeel

Strictly Come Dancing fever is sweeping the nation again and this year, Gel-a-Peel asked us to get involved, creating some glitzy accessories and jewellery using their Fashion Station.

The front of the box says it can be used to customise T-shirts or create patches, jewellery and accessories.

Inside the box, you get a silk screen station with storage and a gel tube display stand that holds 6 tubes, but the box contains 4 Gel-a-Peel tubes. (We had some left over from previous projects so you may see extras in our pictures.) You also get lots of tools, including 6 designer tips (4 round, 1 rake, 1 star), 36 design templates, silkscreen templates, a squeegee tool, a gel tray to make gel shapes and gems and a cleaning tool. Juliette went rummaging through her wardrobe and came back with a plain white T-shirt.

After looking through the stencils, she decided to use the heart template. We used some sellotape to hold the plastic sheet in place so that it didn't slip.

After squeezing out some dollops of purple and gold, Juliette used the squeegee tool to spread out the gel, filling in all the holes but making sure it didn't go over the edges of the plastic template. I was a bit worried the gel would soak through on to the back of the T-shirt, but it was fine.

It worked so well that she also added a butterfly design at the bottom of the T-shirt. We were all impressed with the glitter colours and the way they blend into each other while retaining their individual colours.

Once the T-shirt was safely put on a hanger to dry, Juliette moved on to the jewellery templates. The Fashion Station was perfect for holding the plastic sheet in place so all Juliette had to do was trace over the design with the gel tubes.

Once it had dried (which took ages - it still wasn't quite dry after being left overnight), Juliette had a lovely pearly flower bracelet to go with her funky new T-shirt. Strictly stylish !

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. Looks really good. My daughter would enjoy it

  2. What a lovely set for children to have a go at designing.


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