Wednesday 18 October 2017

Get More Kids vitamin water review

I had a little giggle when I reread the title of my blogpost because my first thought was that it sounded like a viagra-infused energy drink for tired couples who want a bigger family ! Who knows? Maybe there's a niche market there just waiting to be exploited, but Get More actually offer a range of tasty, fruity-flavoured drinks with added vitamins and minerals, for both children and adults. We've been trying out the kids' range and they were such a big hit that the Madhouse kids requested we "get more" next time we go shopping !

There are three flavours available, each of which offers a different combination of vitamins :

Mango, in the red bottle, with Vitamin D and calcium, to support growing bones

Apple, in the green bottle, with Multivitamins, to help growing bodies stay healthy

Orange, in the orange bottle, to support the immune system 

They were all a huge hit. The Madhouse kids loved the flavours, the handy sports cap and the fact that if they peeled off the (conveniently perforated) plastic sleeve, they could sneakily get round the "just plain water" rule at school (cheeky !). As a parent, I also love the fact that they are low calorie (less than 5 calories per bottle) and sugar-free, as well as fat-free and salt-free. They are made with spring water, added vitamins, natural flavours and sweetener (sucralose). All three of the kids' drinks are still, which is good news for Juliette who doesn't like fizzy drinks - the adult range offers both still and sparkling options. There is also a Get More vitamins chewing gum, which sounds intriguing.

Get More drinks are available in most supermarkets and some high street stores (WH Smiths, Nisa, Spar, ...). The kids' drinks can be bough in a four pack (£2.69 at Tesco) and the adult versions are included in the Tesco meal deal (sandwich/salad, snack & drink for £3).

for more information :

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. Ha ha, a Viagra drink has made my evening, sounds like a good drink and they would fit perfectly in my children's lunch boxes for school and an easy way to get them getting more goodness xXx

  2. Sounds good and great they are just made with spring water and natural flavourings!

  3. Nice flavours. My children just drink water as they prefer it to flavours drink.


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