Saturday, 17 February 2018

Be My Gel-entine?! Gifts for BFFs with Gel-a-Peel (review)

Whenever half-term (or even weekend) boredom sets in and Juliette starts mooching around the house, wondering what to do, I invariably tell her to make something with her Gel-a-Peel. It's so versatile and can be used on all manner of materials, from cardboard, wood and glass, to metal, plastic and fabric, so you can even use it for "screen printing" and customising clothes. What says BFF better than making matching customised T-shirts in honour of Galentine's day?!


Gel-a-Peel is available in all sorts of textures and colours, to help get your creative juices flowing. Juliette has already experimented with pearly pastel, neon, glow-in-the-dark, colour change and two tone, amongst others, so she was delighted to receive two more packs to discover : Jelly Kit, which is perfect for making charms and jewellery.

And Fuzzy Kit, which comes with little pots of powder to sprinkle over the gel designs to add a fuzzy texture.

Each pack comes with a mould tray that helps you make 3d embellishments and charms simply, as well as a plastic sheet to lay over templates (in the box or downloadable on the Gel-a-Peel website) to make funky bracelets.

Leave your finished designs overnight and the gel will set into a rubbery, flexible texture that can be worn as jewellery or made into decorations for phones, notebooks, pencil toppers ... whatever you fancy.

The different nozzles allow you to play around with textures and you can even add little inserts, such as this mini moustache, before your design has dried.

 Nothing shows appreciation like a homemade gift, and Juliette had great fun making little accessories and cards to share with her friends in honour of Galentine's Day. She used various techniques, writing directly on the card, making 3d embellishments then sticking them on in a butterfly shape using a little more Gel-a-Peel as adhesive. Very creative !

Disclosure : We were gifted two packs of Gel-a-Peel.


  1. I love crafts kits for children. Keep them busy and entertained at the same time. Fab work, Juliette. I remember that gorgeous unicorn jewellery box you made last year with gel-a-peel.

  2. Great to keep the kids occupied


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