Sunday, 4 February 2018

Giveaway #667 : Win Carlton Kids What Would She Do? book - closed - winner Ashleigh Allan

Recent hashtags and advertising campaigns are all about empowering women and trying to promote sexual equality, but for many centuries, it wasn't that way. Strange as it may seem to modern youngsters, it was very much a man's world and women had to know their place - usually in the kitchen, wielding a broom or providing babies. Throughout history, some sisters were already doing it for themselves though, and Carlton Kids' What Would She Do? book introduces 25 of the most powerful and inspirational women of all time. From historical world leaders to modern pioneers, these are the incredible life stories of women from around the world to inspire and empower.

Featuring portraits created by contemporary illustrators and snappy, compelling text, the book brings these women's achievements vividly to life, relating their stories back to those of young girls today. These trailblazers not only accomplished great things, but overcame the same issues that girls all over the world have to face in modern society: inequality, gender stereotyping, body shaming, bullying and much more. Each profile concludes with a "What Would She Do?" scenario that applies the subject's attitude to a relatable situation.

There is a great mix of historical and modern figures. Some of the names that today's kids will recognise include Michelle Obama and Malala Yousafzai, showing that even now, there is still progress to be made and challenges to overcome.

Even as a grown-up, I learnt lots and, I must admit, there were some lesser known names that I was unfamiliar with. Inspiring characters including Elena Piscopia, Frida Kahlo, Zaha Hadid and Dr Jane Goodall get to share the limelight with big names such as Joan of Arc, Marie Curie, Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhart.

It's an important book for children of both sexes to read, with a target audience of age 10+. I love the way it informs but also invites young readers to think and draw their own conclusions and parallels.

What Would She Do? | 9781783122950
Hardback | £9.99 | Published: February |
Age: 10+

Carlton Kids have kindly offered to send a copy of the book to one lucky Madhouse Family Reviews reader. Fill in your entries via the Rafflecopter widget below.

UK only. Closing date : 18/2/18

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  1. Princess Diana

  2. Mother Teresa

  3. Katherine Parr- Henry VIII final wife, and the author of many books, a unique thing for the time x

  4. Teeandem@outlook.com15 February 2018 at 10:38

    Mary Shelley

  5. Mary Anning - my son is fascinated by her dinosaur discoveries!

  6. Anita Roddick - the first women entrepreneur that I remember and doing something that she really believes in and cares about.


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