Monday, 19 February 2018

Glam Goo - making slime fashionable ! (review)

Pierre's favourite Christmas present this year was a bottle of Cleopatra clear glue and some contact lens solution. You'll either be scratching your head, thinking "strange child", or you'll be recognising him as a fan of homemade slime. Both he and Juliette have been having great fun ever since, making clear slime, fluffy slime, jiggly slime and goodness knows how many other different kinds of slime that they've found on youtube. As soon as an email landed in my inbox and I saw the name Glam Goo, I knew it would appeal to them !

The trouble with making slime from scratch is that, even when you've managed to source all of the ingredients (I bet sales of borax have never been so high !), there's a high chance that it will be a total flop. The Madhouse kids have managed to make lots of very successful slimes recently, but the first ten or so were all complete failures. Glam Goo takes out all the stress and disappointment by providing you with a ready made tub of clear slime. They also provide lots of inclusions for you to customise it - Violet Vibes scent, Electric Blue and Pinky Promise powders and three tubes poetically labelled Daydreams, Cloud Crunch and Unicorn Tears.

The enclosed instruction booklet gives you suggested combinations, but the Madhouse kids went freestyle, mixing, kneading, blending and squishing to their hearts' content. They both seemed completely absorbed for a good hour !

The idea of Glam Goo is making slime fashionable by transforming it into accessories that you can wear. There is a plastic ring with a chamber that you can fill with slime.

There is also a multi-compartment carry-case (or, as they call it, purse) with a funky glitter globe-type front that allows you to store all your slime creations without them leaking into each other. As a parent fed up of having innumerable pots and jars of slime all over the house, I think this is a great idea !

This also keeps the slime in tip-top condition so it won't go hard and gives you easy access, whenever you feel the need to have a play with it. Which, judging by the Madhouse kids, is about every two minutes !

The Deluxe Pack that we reviewed has an RRP of £22.99. There is also a Fantasy Pack (as above, for the slime and inclusions, although in different colours, plus a heart necklace and rainbow charm - RRP £14.99) and a Confetti Pack (fluffy slime plus inclusions, bow bracelet and bunny charm -RRP £14.99).

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. my daughter loves slime so this would go down well!

  2. What is it with kids and slime? Why is it so trendy these days? Eddie's obsessed with it. I bought him a small jar of glittery slime for five pounds, and regret every penny of it. :)

    1. I think it's replaced finger spinners as the latest fidget toy. Must be all the playing with phones, tablets and computers - kids these days have to constantly keep doing something with their fingers ! But then I suppose we had Rubik's cubes !


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