Tuesday, 13 February 2018

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden review

Like pretty much all teen and tween-aged girls, it would seem, Juliette is a huge fan of unicorns. She even got a giant unicorn for Christmas which has pride of place on her bed, and a lot more unicorn-themed gifts for her birthday this week. However, when Interplay sent us through their lovely Unicorn Garden from the My Fairy Garden range, Pierre trumped her, with his love of both gardening and fairies. While he claimed not to believe in Father Christmas this year, he apparently still believes in the magic of the fairy door in his bedroom - aha ! I'll take any remaining childhood wonderment while it lasts, thank you very much !

As soon as I'd taken a photo of the box, Pierre excitedly unpacked everything that was inside. There are lots of miniature accessories to put together and place in your garden. The only thing missing is some soil but luckily, we had a growbag in the garage.

First things first, we sat down together to have a look through the instruction booklet. As well as showing how to put together the various plastic pieces (very simple - no instructions needed really), we also learned that the unicorn is called Sky and her fairy owner is Belle.

While I headed off to fill the dish with potting compost, Pierre used the string and stickers from the box to make some bunting. This was simply a case of folding stickers around the string and tying the ends to two little posts. The only fiddly part was tying fairy-sized knots !

After watering the soil to make it moist - I think he's looking slightly worried in this picture because a little spider came crawling out that I had to go and throw out of the back door ! - Pierre used the bag of brightly coloured pebbles to make a pathway.

After placing a very cool, fully-functioning well and a leafy arbour at either end of the path, it was time to get green-fingered and sow some grass seeds. Pierre thought this was great fun and carefully sprayed them with water afterwards.

 Looking good ! Now it was time to add all the remaining accessories - the bunting, toadstool and flowers - then bring in Belle the fairy, Sky the unicorn and their little mouse friend. I was impressed that Belle sits easily on her unicorn without falling off. We did have to push the unicorn's hooves into the soil to prevent it from toppling over though.

Pierre found one final item in the box - a little bottle of fairy magic dust (shaped like tiny stars). I said that he could stand it by the well or use it to add some extra special fairy magic to the garden, while we waited for the grass to grow.

Well, he certainly didn't need telling twice, gaily scattering tiny stars all over the place ! The lovely thing is, as well as being a fun playset, we now also have the magic (and learning opportunities) of watching the grass seeds sprout and grow. The last time we made one of these gardens, Pierre had great fun "mowing the lawn" with a pair of scissors, so he's already looking out for shoots to tend to !

As well as My Fairy Garden and the Unicorn Garden that we reviewed, Interplay also have some lovely new additions to the range on the way later in the year :

The Fairy Light Garden (RRP £29.99) will be available from Summer 2018. The ultimate fairy home, it offers great play value with magical light and enchanting sound features, as well as wonderful secret spaces and cute animal play pieces.

A new Fairy Picnic Basket (RRP £12.99) will also launch in early Spring. It’s the perfect playset for taking the magical fairies to a delightful tea party, bringing on playdates, or just having fun around the house and garden.

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. My youngest got this for her birthday and we still haven't got around to setting it up yet. We really must. It's just adorable.

  2. Really love the fairy garden unicorn. Perfect gift.

  3. Lovely fairy set! It's wonderful that Pierre believes in magic. Love his jumper, did you buy it on your trip to Norway?

    1. No, it was actually in the sales at Sports Direct in their Christmas jumpers, but it did remind me of the ones I saw in Norway, which is why I bought it ! It was funny actually - our French group leader in Norway is married to a Norwegian and he had a jumper like this. He laughed and said his mother-in-law knitted it for him and he's the only person she makes them for because the rest of the family refuse to wear them. Not cool enough, I suppose !


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