Monday, 12 October 2020

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 41

This week, we have no heating so I'm hoping it will stay warm enough. To help us along, I'm planning on cooking up lots of winter warmers in the slow cooker. I'm sure it'll work ! We mostly stuck to last week's plan, except the kids declared outright that they didn't want Peruvian spiced chicken (I should have changed the name !) so I went for just regular spiced chicken. Not much difference really ! Here's what's on the menu this week :


lunch- there are a couple of bits of pizza and a few potatoes that can go with smoked ham and melted raclette cheese, all in the fridge and that need using up - perfect !

dinner - beef bourguignon in the slow cooker, with mash or rice


dinner- It's Pierre's parent-teacher evening - I have no idea how this will work with Covid restrictions, so we'll see what time we get back. Quick spaghetti bolognese from a jar sounds good to me.


lunch- hot dogs with fried potatoes

dinner- I have some veal so something like blanquette de veau in the slow cooker, along with mash or rice (whichever one we didn't have on Monday)


lunch- There should be plenty of leftovers of blanquette de veau and/or beef bourguignon to use up

dinner- Chilli con carne (if I managed to get to the shop to buy red kidney beans - otherwise it'll end up as cottage pie)


dinner - There will be leftover chilli/cottage pie probably - if there's not much left, I'll make baked potatoes to go with the chilli


lunch- McDonald's probably or whatever's in the fridge

dinner- something quick and simple like pizza


lunch- It depends what I picked up at the supermarket but I'm thinking a proper roast dinner - chicken probably?

dinner- leftovers or soup (if we had chicken) or whatever's lurking in the fridge

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  1. Eek! I do hope you stay warm. I hope you're heating is fixed soon. Using the slow cooker is a good idea .
    I keep meaning to make some Chilli con carne. My girls love it but it's not something I usually think about making x

    1. I didn't realise how much the kids love chilli (even with hidden veggies !) until I made one a while ago - they don't like it too spicy though !

  2. I have never done beef bourguignon in the slow cooker what a great idea and love chilli even more so with the weather getting colder

  3. Sounds like you've got a tasty week planned! I hope you're keeping well x Thanks for linking up!


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