Friday, 23 October 2020

Asmodee UK Blogger Board Game Club review : Picture Show

As the nights are drawing in and temperatures are dropping (not to mention the rain - does it ever end ?!), we're looking for more inside activities to keep us in the warm and dry. Settling down to watch something on Netflix is fine, but you can't beat rounding up the family to play a board game together. After our recent reviews for BrainBox : The World and Dice Academy, we're back with another game to show you : Picture Show.

Taking the lid off the box, it looks quite complicated to set up but it's actually very simple. The game is based on the time-honoured classic, Chinese Shadows. If you're inwardly groaning, remembering that you never managed to reproduce anything apart from a flying bird and a dog's head with your hands and an old torch, rest assured ! In this game, you can use the cut-out shapes in the box to help you.

Set up is simple. Just slot the screen into the stands, set up the spotlight behind you and you're good to go. Use the two sticks and the magnetic shapes to represent the word or phrase on the cards. There are 45 shapes that you can use for 40 cards with 120 proposals, so I would recommend allowing sound effects from the player. As well as making it slightly easier, it can be hysterically funny too ! You can also overlay the shapes if you want to be extra clever.

What we love about this game is the spotlight, which also acts as a timer and starts flashing ten seconds before the end of your time as 'Master of Shadows'. Much (light-hearted) stress guaranteed ! You can also play on Training Mode which means that the spotlight stays on with no time constraints.

It's a slightly fiddly game so the magnetic shapes fall off if you're not careful and the game play calls for some lateral thinking, so the suggested age range is 7+. Just don't forget the batteries - 3 x AAA batteries are required and not included.

RRP : £21.99

2-8 players. Age 7+.

Disclosure : We received the product in order to share our honest opinion.

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