Monday, 19 October 2020

What's Cooking At The Madhouse ? menu plan week 42

Last week, we ate everything that was on the plan but I ended up swapping the days around. This week, we're on holiday - yippee ! I haven't been shopping yet so hopefully I'll manage to pick up everything I need. Plans may change at the last minute if we decide to go out too, but I always like to have a menu plan as it's one less thing to try to work out at the last minute. I've been bookmarking lots of new recipes to try out, so here's this week's selection.


lunch- Baked potatoes with BBQ chicken & coleslaw

dinner - leftover pasta with smoked sausages


lunch- Juliette is out with friends so a fridge clearout would be good - I'm sure there will be leftovers, if not a sandwich will do nicely !

dinner- Chicken & Bacon Ranch Casserole (using this recipe) - includes rice & broccoli


lunch- Ham & croissant casserole (using this recipe)

dinner- I'm thinking there will be plenty of leftovers to use up


lunch- Loaded mashed potato casserole with bacon & caramelised onions (using this recipe) and gravy

dinner- Chicken pot pie with biscuits (using this recipe) & leftover mash


lunch-  fish, rice & peas 

dinner - fricadelles (spicy sausages) with chips


lunch- McDonald's probably 

dinner- pizza


lunch- roast chicken, roast potatoes, veg & gravy

dinner- chicken sandwich or cheese on toast

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  1. That casserole sounds absolutely delicious! And the chicken pot pie! Have a great week and thanks for linking up x

  2. Have a fab break from school. We have a few more days before our holiday starts.
    Great meal plan! I love the sound of the Ham & croissant casserole, what a fab idea! x

    1. Thanks, I intend to have a very azy break ! Hope you have a fab time too xx

  3. Wow some great sounding meals the ranch chicken sounds wonderful. enjoy your week we are still at school x


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