Saturday, 2 April 2011

Little Life Ladybird Backpack

Anything that encourages kids to carry their own junk, oops I mean treasures, has to be a good thing in my book, so when the opportunity arose to try out this Little Life backpack, I jumped at the chance. Wherever we go, Juliette always wants to collect feathers, funny-shaped stones, shells, twigs, conkers, pinecones, acorns and goodness knows what else to take back home and I usually end up with them stuffed in my pockets or handbag !

But the brilliant thing about this backpack is that it doubles up as a fancy dress costume ! The bag part is red and spotty like a ladybird's back but it also has a sneaky and ultra-convenient hood in a zip-up pocket that you can pull out if you get caught in a shower. That's already ingenious but they've added eyes on the front ! How cute is that ?!

As you can see, Juliette loves it and can't wait to go out on a nature walk and fill it up with treasures ! It's also big enough to hold a lightweight anorak, drink and snack, as well as a small toy like a little ball or skipping rope, so it's perfect for picnics or trips to the park. Strangely enough, I don't think I'll end up with this particular bag hanging off the back of the pushchair !

There is also a spider version of this backpack available but I'll stick with the ladybird, thanks !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £19

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  1. Awwww this backpack looks really cute! Perfect for when the kids want to bring a toy round the shops and you KNOW you will end up carrying it after 5 minutes!

  2. OMG - do you ever wonder how they think of such amazing ideas!? I don't think I'd be quite so keen on the spider back pack mind you - though it would make a great Halloween outfit and your child could carry round his treats on his back!!!

    I showed my 5 and 3 year old girls and they love the ladybird. I think I might treat them this Easter as they would be great to take to Paulton Park - when we go to visit the 'real Peppa Pig'!!! The girls both love carrying their 'things' around in their handbags, but I always seem to end up carrying them - so these back packs would be great for that (and if it rains too!).

  3. This is sooo cute. We call our youngest a lady bug and are always on the look out for ladybird themed things! Gorgeous!

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  5. The backpack is amazing :)

  6. Oh this is brilliant, I have never seen anything like it, the little hat is fantastic, and it would save me from having to carry everything!

  7. Ha ha! How cute is this! Its so adorable!! I wish i had one as a kid! <3

  8. how cute! although im not convinced about the hat LOL!


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