Saturday, 5 November 2011

ASOBI – “Let’s get the slow toys movement going” & your chance to win some

Well, slow cooking has taking off big time so now it's time to get back to slow toys ! Here at The Madhouse, we've often discovered that some of the best toys are the wooden classics that need imagination, not batteries, to come to life. I was pleased to see that old, often forgotten classics like rocking horses and wooden abacuses are set to make a comeback alongside all the high-tech kiddie gadgets that are saturating the market. Read on for more information and a chance to win some lovely Asobi toys.


A daddy himself, Thierry Bourret set up Asobi in January 2009. Frustrated at being unable to find quality natural toys for his own son that looked good, felt good and had no batteries but were still fun to play with, Thierry began sourcing suitable toys to share with like-minded parents. He also wanted to demystify the belief that toys with ‘green credentials’ are expensive.

As a leading UK and European distributor of high quality toys that don’t cost the earth in more ways than one, Asobi stocks a fantastic range of products that are beautifully made and built to last including brands such as Baghera retro cars, Boikido, Calafant, Uncle Goose, and more…

More recently, Thierry has become disillusioned with the toy industry’s various Christmas Top Tens and also read that parents spend an average of only 49 minutes per day interacting with their kids. Thierry feels that well-made toys are something that gets passed on to another generation and thinks it is important to care for what we give to our kids to play with.

With this in mind, Thierry has come up with a plan to begin getting toys back to basics…over at Regards Rainbow there is a competition and also an outline of Asobi’s plans on how they want to at least try to reinvent the UK toy industry.

The Telegraph has picked up on his story already, along with a few other national papers. In the coming months he hopes that the story will gather pace...

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