Friday 5 April 2013

Fancy getting involved in World Baking Day on Sunday 19th May 2013?

World Baking Day began as a way for cake lovers around the globe to share their passion for baking. This year it's even bigger, as some of the world's most exciting bakers have been brought together to inspire you to bake on Sunday 19th May 2013. The soon-to-be-launched World Baking Day website will be asking people to push their limits and "Bake Brave", getting slightly out of their comfort zone (whatever their level of baking proficiency), possibly using one of the 100 featured recipes for inspiration. (You may remember I was asked to provide one of the recipes and sent over my Spiced Apple Cake recipe - click through to find a sneak preview of the recipe.)

I consider myself a pretty good baker, but we always go for taste over presentation. While my cakes and bakes generally taste lovely, they don't always look very pretty so that will be my personal challenge - trying to produce something that looks as pretty as these rather gorgeous cupcakes !

If you fancy getting involved, you might like to know that the sponsor Stork is  giving people all over the UK the chance to host official World Baking Day house parties. Lucky party hosts will receive (free of charge on their doorstep) an amazing World Baking Day party pack, containing everything you need for the baking get-together from bunting and balloons to cake decorations and egg timers.

If you'd like the chance to win a World Baking Day pack and join in with the fun, just head on over to and try your luck. The deadline for entries is 12th April so don't hang about !

The World Baking Day website with the 100 featured recipes will go live on 1st May at In the meantime, you might like to check out some of the delicious goodies we've cooked up in the Madhouse Kitchen recently, such as Philly Cheesecake Brownies, Banana & Chocolate Muffins, Chocolate Rice Krispie Squares or Anzac Biscuits.

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  1. Oh - I will give this a go !! We love baking. I am similar to you - mine never look fab but taste great. I would love to make something "pretty" but in all honesty cakes never last long enough to be pretty-fied and tend to be eaten as soon as they come out of the oven :p x

  2. yes Im with you to taste great looks not so great. Im feeding the stomach and taste buds not the eyes.

  3. The cakes look delicious mine never turn out like this - perhaps I should try on my own instead of having my girls help!!!


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