Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Madhouse recipe : Parmesan and Black Onion Seed Straws

After making some luscious lemon cream and raspberry tarts, I had just a small amount of pastry left but I didn't want to throw it in the bin.

I rolled it out as thin as possible.

Then scattered parmesan and black onion seeds all over it. I love black onions seeds - they give a lovely flavour and crunch to anything from homemade bread and quiches to soups and salads.

I folded the two edges into the middle then turned it 90 degrees and did the same again - it doesn't have to be mathematical, you just want the filling on the inside !

I rolled it out again and scattered a bit more parmesan and black onion seeds on top.

Then I cut it into rough strips.

Ten minutes in the oven at 180° until they are crisp and golden brown and they're done. I barely got a look in because the kids polished them off in seconds but apparently they were delicious !

Adding to the #KitchenClearout linky as it used up the end of the pastry.

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  1. Delicious Definately one I'll try

  2. they sound delicious and such a great way to use up left over pastry.

  3. these look really good, but maybe you need to make more next time !!

    1. I definitely do - in fact I might make some pastry specially for them rather than using up the scraps !


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