Friday, 26 August 2016

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 26/8/16

Well, our traditional mammoth summer travelling has drawn to an end, after a week visiting family in the UK, two weeks in Lanzarote and a week in Brittany at the in laws', so it's time to get back into menu planning. After four weeks without cooking, I've got a big backlog of bookmarked recipes to get through, as well as my Italian-themed Kitchen Trotter box to play with, but after stuffing our faces for a month, we're all looking forward to some lighter meals too !


lunch - probably McDonalds if the kids have their way, otherwise beefburgers, rice and ratatouille

dinner - big mixed salad with something unusual like grilled peaches and goats cheese to make it more exciting


lunch - roast dinner or BBQ depending on the weather

dinner - soup of some description - possibly chilled cucumber & avocado soup (which sounds weird but I'll try anything once and Madhouse Daddy ate lots of gazpacho in Lanzarote so he should be a fan !) & courgette involtini bruschetta


lunch - sesame chicken with broccoli & noodles

dinner - zuppa d'orzo, an Italian barley soup


lunch - Veal (or chicken) Milanese with sage and sweet and sour onions and rice

dinner - a Cuban dish, Ropa Vieja


lunch - spaghetti carbonara

dinner - Macau African chicken with rice or buckwheat


lunch - back to work for me so the kids will be fending for themselves !

dinner - tomato & lentil soup (we grabbed some half-price New Covent Garden soups and shoved them in the freezer so the first day back at work sounds like the prefect day to eat one of those !)


lunch - back to school so possibly the school canteen or a sandwich at home, depending on when they finish (might only be a half day to start with) - not sure if I'm home or not yet, depends on my timetable that I'll get on Thursday

dinner - coconut shrimp curry


Bara brith
semi freddo with Sicilian pistachio cream

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