Tuesday 9 March 2010

Giveaway #6 - 5 copies of Humphrey’s Birthday storybook up for grabs - CLOSED - winners SandyCalico, Kellyfairy, bonestormer13, cleverish & iridessa76

This year marks the 12th anniversary of the popular children's series Humphrey's Corner, created by author and illustrator Sally Hunter, who initially created the lovable elephant to feature on greetings cards.

She tells the lovely story of how Humphrey and the other characters came to exist on the Humphrey's Corner website : "Humphrey, his big sister Lottie and Baby brother Jack are based on my own 3 children when they were aged 5, 3 and 1. Their personalities, toys, bedrooms and the different antics they got up to are the inspirations I work from, mixed up with my own memories of my childhood. Although they are a lot bigger now (Humphrey's name sake is now studying fashion, with dyed green hair and a lip piercing!..) Suffice to say all 3 still have the essence and characteristics of the their little elephant characters. Lottie (Georgie) was a typical 5 year old, headstrong and bossy in a nutshell ! But also sweet, affectionate and my beautiful blue eyed, blonde curls girl. Humphrey (Ralph) was extra loving, soft tempered and gentle. Very Humphrey like! He got more rebellious through the years but I had a good 6 years of bliss first! Baby Jack (Kim) was just the loveliest, happiest, smiling and funny little one year old. Humphrey's town and house is a combination of were I grew up and where I now live. My Mum and Dad, brother Rob, niece Emma, Grandma and other memorable people from my childhood all feature in what is essentially one big walk down memory lane for me..! "

I have five copies of the popular Humphrey’s Birthday storybook to give away to readers of this blog ...

"It's Humphrey's birthday and he is very excited - yet a little shy as his best friends arrive for the party. But with presents to open, games to play, tea in the garden, a wonderful cake and all his friends singing "Happy Birthday", Humphrey has a fabulous time."

To enter this giveaway, tell me in the comments box what your favourite memory of kid's parties is - the games ? the food ? the party bags ? ... Don't forget to leave me a way to contact you (NB : if your blogger profile is private, I can't contact you even if you're signed in ! It's easiest if you leave an unclickable email (for example, joebloggs at yahoo dot co dot uk ) or a twitter name - otherwise keep your eyes peeled just after the closing date where I will announce the winners on this blogpost.) UK entries only. Closing date : Wed 17th March

In the meantime, to find out all the latest goings on at Humphrey's Corner, browse the online store or download some fun activities for the children, be sure to check out : http://www.humphreys-corner.com/


  1. i used to love musical statues :)]

    Party food would have been peppermint creams & tophats

    All the party bags wee fantastic but i loved pencils and things best as i loved to draw

  2. Every birthday we had our next door neighbour, cousin and one friend each come to our party.
    My favourite game was musical bumps.
    My favourite cake was one my mum had inserted a Sindy doll into it and made it like a skirt. I used to love party rings and pineapple and cheese on sticks lol

  3. The main thing i remember about my birthday parties as a kid is the bouncy castles that were always popular and jelly and ice cream for dessert. In the party bags were often balloons and bubbles oh and a sweet you didnt like!

  4. My main memory is someone always cried. On my 6th birthday it was me. Someone poked me during sleeping lions and I was eliminated!

  5. It was the food! the smell of egg sandwiches and jelly and cakes! ooh I've just gone right back in time :-)
    twitter name - jenniwren12

  6. Mine was always the food - It was the one thing I always looked forward too. I remember going to one and the food was horrid - I just wanted to go home!!

  7. I remember there was always tantrums when playing musical chairs! And how magical the candles looked when the lights were dimmed and wishes made :)

    @iridessa76 on Twitter

  8. On my 5th Birthday my uncle dressed up as a clown and scared all the children, lots of crying

  9. I remember throwing an almighty hissy fit and sulking in my room for one of my parties.
    I always loved pass the parcel though.


  10. i loved everything about parties so much I now run a small business organising them for busy mums! loved the traditional games, the party food and putting my best dress on. viki vintage blogspot.com xx

  11. bonestormer13 (crin)12 March 2010 at 22:13

    My memories of parties when I was a child are growing a bit dim now but we always played pass the parcel and musical chairs.
    The cake was always the best bit as it was wrapped up in a serviette to take home.
    Party bags and things became popular when my kids were about 9 ot 10

  12. i loved playing pass the parcel - the surprise was brilliant and how good you felt when the music stopped in the final round. Also remember everyone trying to hold the parcel as long as possible

  13. I used to hate the games, I am not competitive so aimed to be 'out' first in all of them :)

    The best bit was the food! Managing to get sandwiches, sausages on sticks, crisps of all flavours, fairy cakes AND chocolate on the same plate :)

  14. One of my favourite memories is playing a gam where you sit on a stool with a washing basket behind you and throw cotton balls over your shoulder and try to get them into to the basket - it's hysterical :)

  15. Jelly and ice cream and pass the parcel :)

  16. my memory of most mines and my sisters parties were in mcdonalds with the big ronald mcdonald guy going around shaking all the kids hand s


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