Thursday 4 March 2010

Moccis - Swedish-made moccasin slipper socks

Aaah Sweden - where would we be without those great Swedish creations like ... Abba ! And Volvo ... or Ikea. Well, get ready to add another one to that list - Moccis ! They're being snapped up by celebrities and raved about in the press so they're sure to be the Next Big Thing. If you've got kids, you'll love the vast range of ultra-cute designs and above all, the fact that they stay on - no more lost shoes on trips to the park or babies and tots constantly removing their shoes every five minutes until you're tearing your hair out !

But why should it always be the babies who get all the fun ? They also have a range of Moccis in adult sizes too so you can have your own pair - you could even get matching pairs for parents and children and slob around the house looking all funky and coordinated ! When I was asked to test a pair, I asked Mike if he fancied trialling them, expecting him to say no - but he said yes and selected the unisex Rock n Roll design !

So, what's so special about Moccis ? After all, slipper socks have existed for years. Well, first of all, the comfort - the sock part is tight enough for them to stay firmly in place but not so tight it starts cutting off the circulation to your feet ! Secondly, the leather soles that stop you sliding all over the place but remain incredibly soft and bendy so you feel just like you're wearing snuggly socks. And above all, the fact that you can throw them in the washing machine when they start getting pongy ! No more stinky slippers lying around, yayy !!

Moccis are made in Sweden, using traditional methods that have existed for decades. "In order to ensure the best possible quality, Moccis are made in Sweden of natural ecotex certified materials. The leather sole is durable and flexible, allowing the foot to move freely. The moccasin has double elastic at the ankle which will prevent it from falling off. Each pair of Moccis are made by hand with delicate hand stitching in the only moccasin factory in Sweden. A very small traditional factory with most employees having worked there for generations. It's very important for the community that it stays open as most factories are closing down due to cheap mass production in Asia." So there you go - not only do you get some incredibly comfy and funky footwear, you're also doing your good deed for the day and helping to keep the last moccasin factory in Sweden open !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £18 for children's sizes, £26 for adult sizes

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  1. My favourite are Bee My Moccis
    Looks fabulous :)


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