Thursday 25 March 2010

Retro Nestle Easter Eggs from the 80s !

I love Easter ! Now that I've got kids of my own, we go round the house and patio hiding sweets and eggs so that the girls can go and discover what the Easter bunny has brought and we go to a local park for a big Easter egg hunt too. France being a Catholic country, their story for Easter is that it's the church bells that go off to Rome and when they come back, they bring the eggs with them. (They can't do anything like everybody else - they don't have a Tooth Fairy either, it's a little mouse who takes the teeth !)

When I think back to Easters of my childhood, I can still remember some of the Easter eggs I used to get. They were as much a part of the tradition as selection boxes at Christmas and I can remember one year, when my Nan decided it would be better value to buy bars of chocolate instead of an egg ("you get loads more chocolate for the same price because you're not forking out on the box" !!), it was a huge letdown to not get the fun of unwrapping the egg !

I was really eggs-cited (groooan !!) this week to get a press release about a range of retro Easter eggs from Nestle - they have those Easter eggs I remember from my childhood ! The opening line of the press release did make me feel really old though : "For the very first time Nestlé is offering chocolate-lovers some nostalgia-filled fun by re-launching a selection of Easter Eggs which replicate some of its classic packaging from the last century." Eeeek, I'm not that past-it, am I ?! I do totally fit the bill as a child of the 80's though, and I'm proud of it ! I wore my legwarmers and mismatched fluorescent socks with pride !

As the press release says, "Harking back to an era when New Kids on the Block and Vanilla Ice were flying high in the charts, Top of the Pops was still on the box and Timmy Mallet was cool, the Easter gifts are an ‘eggs-act’ replica of how they were twenty years ago. The classic styles not only appeal to those who remembered the eggs this way the first time round, but also those who appreciate all things cool from a past era." The Smarties one with a mug was THE classic Easter gift for when you were a bit older and more grown up than your younger brothers and sisters who just got the normal Smarties egg without the mug "because they'd just break it" ! Talk about a trip down memory lane !

And look, remember these ? If you want to offer the ultimate romantic gift to your fellow-child-of-the-80's other half, you can get them a Rolo's egg, complete with a "last Rolo" ! Who could not remember the "Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo ?" adverts ! When I was feeling particularly nice, I used to offer mine to my mum or dad !

Speaking of Dads, you can get the ultimate "macho chocolate" in a retro Yorkie truck box ! I never had one of these, because they were just for the boys, but I remember seeing them on the shelves ! My feminist streak tells me I should go out and buy one now but I have to admit, I'm still more tempted by the Rolo and Smartie ones !

Kids of any age will love the Nestle eggs - you can't go far wrong with a combination of chocolate and funky packaging - but anyone who grew up in the 1980's will get all nostalgic and leap around the room excitedly going "oooh ooooh I used to have one of these mugs at breakfast time, next to my Pop Tarts" - now, whatever happened to those ?!

star rating : 5/5

SMARTIES® Mug Egg – RRP: £5.49
Last ROLO® Egg – RRP: £5.49
YORKIE® Truck Egg – RRP: £5.49 (NB: Yorkie egg available exclusively to Tesco)


  1. omg i remember having the smarties egg with the mug.....think everyone i knew had one of them :)

  2. !!!! YUS !!! ;)

  3. This product brought back so many memories of my childhood, my father used to bring this easter eggs.

  4. catholic and the easter bunny, something very wrong there


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