Saturday 20 March 2010

Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes and Flushable Wipes

Baby wet wipes are a bit like toilet paper and tap water and dishwasher detergent. If they do the job properly, you've got nothing much to say about them because you don't even really notice them. It's when they have a design fault that you notice all the bad things - they fall apart at the crucial moment when you're wiping baby's bum or they're too wet or leave a greasy film on the skin or they irritate baby's delicate rear end. Well, I've been using the Jackson Reece wipes for the last week in a variety of situations - wiping up wee and poo, cleaning up Pierre's face after a particularly messy feeding session, wiping little fingers (and walls), wiping projectile vomit off my shoes (oh the joys of being a mum !) - and the wipes are totally unremarkable, they just do the job with no fuss and bother and didn't have me grumbling about any design flaws.

But this wouldn't be a very interesting review if I didn't have a bit more to tell you so I thought I'd better have a good look at the website and the packaging. Well, according to the manufacturers, "Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes offer parents a natural, healthier alternative. Our unique herbal formula soothes and protects against common skin irritations such as nappy rash and eczema and contains none of the harsh ingredients that can potentially damage delicate skin." They are very mild and didn't irritate Pierre's skin at all, even when I used them on his face - but to be honest, neither do the normal wipes I use (Pampers Sensitive).

They did seem lovely and soft though, unlike some other brands that feel slightly rough and abrasive, but despite this softness, they are very resistant. I don't know if this is where the softness comes from but I was surprised to read on the website that they are made from wood pulp ! That makes them a much greener alternative because they are biodegradable and wood is a sustainable resource. The next bit made me chuckle to myself - "Compostable wipes which will degrade in twelve weeks in aerobic conditions". I now have visions of red-faced wipes in sweatbands and leotards jumping along to a pumping workout soundtrack ! It's not just the wipes themselves that are eco-friendly - Jackson Reece have thought about the wrapper too, using "degradable packaging that will degrade in a landfill site more quickly than regular baby wipe packaging". Yet another plus point for the environmentally-conscious shopper is that the wipes are manufactured in Britain, thus minimising the carbon footprint.

I could give you a whole list of chemical nasties that don't appear in the list of ingredients, but instead I'll focus on some of the lovely things that ARE added to them. Certified Organic Aloe Vera, which is naturally hydrating, healing and cooling, Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil, which is naturally antibacterial, and Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil, which is soothing and calming. So that explains the lovely, refreshing but not at all overpowering scent, and is presumably the reason why, should you pinch one of baby's wipes for removing your make up or giving your face a quick wipe over on a hot day, you feel like you've just applied a gentle face cream to your skin.

With all these added extras - the essential oils, the green factor, the ultimate softness - you'd be justified in thinking that these wipes would be more expensive than the usual brands, but they're about the same as any other premium brands (ie not the dirt cheap supermarket "value" own label ones).

If you have older children, who are learning to use "grown up" toilets but still need a little help wiping their own bottoms, you might also like to try Jackson Reece's new flushable wipes, which will degrade in water within 8 days. They offer all the benefits of the normal herbal wipes (degradable packaging, wipes infused with the natural balm containing organic essential oils, alcohol free) and are equally soft and resistant. They flush away easily but the packaging does warn you not to try to flush more than one wipe at a time ! They come in a pack of ten wipes, costing 99p, so are ideal for stashing in your handbag or glovebox for when you're out and about.

I'm really not surprised by the vast array of awards that Jackson Reece wipes have won - including Mother & Baby best wipes 2009, and best eco-friendly wipes AND best of the best wipes in the TIPS awards (and I've taken part in a couple of their product trials so I know how comprehensive the evaluation sheet is !). Once you've tried them, you'll be unlikely to go back to any other brand.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : herbal wipes £1.99 (for 72 wipes), flushable 99p (for 10)


  1. I've been using Jackson Reece wipes for almost 2 years now and would never use another brand. They are so lovely-smelling, soft and gentle on my son's bottom, face and hands and he has never had nappy rash since using these. If you shop around you can find good deals on multibuy boxes.

  2. Hi Cheryl
    Wonderful blog and great to see you are a Jackson Reece convert! Thanks for the positive feedback regarding our TIPS trials which we certainly do try to make as comprehensive as possible (as you know so well).
    Just to say we will be announcing the winning baby baths and nappy creams in the next few days with five more categories to follow in the coming weeks - even stricter criteria for 2010 so hopefully you will be able to find a few more favourites...
    Love to you all
    Bonsoir mes amis

  3. Great article! Thanks for sharing I added some thoughts on eco-friendly wipes sometime ago

  4. Great article! Thanks for sharing I have used Best wet wipes and I must say, they are great relief using outdoors.


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