Saturday 13 March 2010

Method Bathroom Surface Cleaner Flushable Wipes

Having grown up in a seaside town, I've done more than my fair share of window-shopping in tacky souvenir shops selling kitsch accessories for the home. One that sticks in my mind is a little ceramic plaque for the toilet that said "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie, wipe the seatie" ! Well, I may not have bought the plaque but I do share the sentiment !

I had a little smile reading the packaging of Method's Bathroom Surface Cleaner Flushable Wipes. They say :"Ever feel like certain people using your toilet could use a little coaching? Practice? Aim? What about some handy-dandy toilet wipes ? Thats where method comes in. Set this hardworking little package of wipes near the bowl, and you (or ahem, he) can wipe and flush at any moment for an instant clean. Even better, these wipes are biodegradable and without toxic fumes to pollute your bathroom. Also great for clean-ups all over the bathroom including sinks, countertops, faucets and all types of tile. And, with the eucalyptus mint scent, they smell like spa. Yes, like spa."

Well, being a busy overstretced working mum-of-3, I couldn't tell you if they smell like a spa or not because I've never been to one ! However, I am (sadly) familiar with a vast array of toilet cleaner fragrances, and I have to say, these wipes do get the usual method seal of approval for offering surprisingly different and pleasant cleaning product smells. Still not quite as amazing as the cinnamon bark scent of the countertop cleaner but nice nonetheless and perfectly adapted for bathroom/toilet cleaning. When I saw the word eucalyptus, I was expecting something eye-watering and nose-clearing but it's not at all harsh - it's a delicate, fresh scent that smells vaguely minty but also a bit citrussy to me.

The name of the product confused me a bit. The label says "bathroom surface cleaner" but the write-up focuses on toilets - although judging by the word faucet, this is American English so maybe they mean bathroom as in toilet ? Either way, I used them to clean the toilet in place of my usual bleach and toilet brush and they got the toilets sparkling clean, removing limescale and (ahem) "other stains" (we have kids !) with no need for scrubbing at all. It's much easier to focus on the dirty bits with a small wipe as opposed to a cumbersome brush, so I actually found they got the toilet cleaner than usual. And they were resistant enough to not disintegrate mid-job and large enough not to leave my fingers coming into contact with the toilet bowl which was a relief !A quick read didn't mention them being anti-bacterial though, so I still gave a quick squirt of bleach at the end to be on the safe side and kill of any nasty germs lurking about.

I also used the wipes for cleaning all the other surfaces - the door handle, sinks, back of the toilet, little shelf under the mirror - and they all came up sparkling clean too. I love the fact that you can use the same product for cleaning everything, even the toilet, so you don't get clashing smells and it's a great timesaver. I often put off cleaning because I know I won't have time to get the whole job done before running off to work or to pick up the girls from school, so the fact that I can grab a wipe, have a quick swish and swipe and have the job finished in seconds is brilliant.

I do have a bit of a problem with wipes, because I always feel guilty about them being really bad for the environment, but I love the fact that these ones are biodegradable. You can also flush one wipe at a time in the toilet but I preferred to throw them in the bin and save on water.

I love the fact that method products are kind to the skin and don't contain any nasty chemicals, so I didn't have the usual sore, red hands reeking of bleach that normally mark the end of my bathroom-cleaning sessions. It's also great that the kids can wipe up any little accidents without handling nasty chemicals - they might actually be allowed to clear up after themselves from time to time now ! I wonder if I can convince hubby to do the same ?!

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £3.50

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