Saturday 27 March 2010

Milkybar Cow

Call me a big kid but I genuinely got all excited about seeing the retro range of Easter eggs from the 1980's that Nestlé have brought back and that remind me of my childhood. Well, they've done it again ! They've created some ultra-cute and unique Easter confectionery that really leaps out at you when you scour the supermarket shelves looking for sweet treats for your kids.

OK, so Milka may have a lilac cow but this is the only WHITE chocolate cow on the market. And Milkybar is another one of those tastes I remember nostalgically from childhood. It tastes delicious, seems totally different to any other white chocolate I ever eat and is so creamy and unctuous, it's like the white chocolate version of Galaxy. Yummm my mouth is now watering just from writing that and remembering the taste !

Andy McQuade, Brand Manager at NestlĂ© Confectionery, says that "MILKYBAR is one of our best loved chocolates and Mums, Dads and even Grandparents can feel good about giving the MILKYBAR Cow to youngsters at Easter knowing it is made from 100% natural ingredients”. Well, never one to take comments like that at face value, I went off to check ! The list of ingredients is clearly listed on the Milkybar website : sugar, dried whole cow's milk, cocoa butter, whey powder, vegetable fat, emulsifier, lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring. Not an E number or artificial additive in sight (and they even explain the origins of most of those ingredients on the site and they're mainly from plants). I'm impressed.

Little kids will love the cute cow shape and mums and dads will love the fact that little hands covered in melted white chocolate make less of a mess than little hands covered in brown chocolate ! It even comes with a gift-tagged collar, so you can write who it's to and from.

It's top of my list for Easter choccies with serious Cow-factor !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.99


  1. I wonder how old the first Milky Bar kid is now?

  2. I was an addict to this bars, I use to ate them like crazy, thank for puberty I was able to loseweight in no time, because I was a little chubby for all the chocolate.


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