Monday 16 August 2010

The Binary Box - Vinyl Wall Art

A little while ago, I was approached by The Binary Box, a team of designers based in England who design and manufacture bespoke vinyl wall art, to see if I'd like to feature some of their kids' designs on my blog. I had a look around the site and thought they looked really funky and cute but wanted to test out a sample to see how well they stuck to the walls. I've tried a few different brands in the past and some of them don't adhere to the walls properly or are a real pain in the bum to get off the backing paper.

Well, we just put them up and it's a piece of cake ! As Sophie got the chance to test some wall stickers last year, this time it was Juliette's turn. I showed her some of the funky designs that had been highlighted in the original email - I particularly liked the giraffe height chart - but Juliette was adamant she wanted purple butterflies to go on her new pink and lilac walls ! Purple butterflies it is then !

The sticker sheet arrives rolled up in a sturdy cardboard tube which keeps it in perfect condition. The large sheet contains 34 butterflies of various sizes that can be peeled off individually and stuck wherever you want - we only put them on the walls but they could also be used on doors, mirrors, furniture, even cars and caravans ! Having repainted Juliette's bedroom a few weeks ago, I knew perfectly well that the surface of the walls was far from smooth but the stickers still adhered perfectly to the walls and, even better, could be used to cover up the paint drips and little bits of plaster I'd gouged out with a wallpaper scraper ! Obviously, if you're using one of the larger designs, you would want a perfectly smooth wall for the best result but with the little butterflies, it wasn't a problem at all.

Having read the instructions and watched the "how to" video on the website, I sat down and started peeling off the tiny cut out details on the butterflies as instructed. Then I had a brainwave and tentatively peeled one off from the backing - the tiny little cut out parts stayed stuck to the backing paper. Result ! It was much quicker and less fiddly but again, if you're using one of the bigger designs, you should prepare it all in advance before peeling it off. Similarly, we didn't need to use the adhesive paper to apply them to the walls because they were small enough to handle easily. In fact, they were so simple to apply to the walls that we even let Juliette stick some on herself. When she put them too close together, it was dead easy to peel them off and reposition them without damaging the paint at all.

There were plenty of butterflies to put in various places all over the room and even a few left over that Juliette kindly offered to her sister Sophie to put in her own bedroom. I was really impressed with how well they stuck to the walls despite being easy to peel off and reposition.

The kids' designs are lovely but there are also some really unusual and striking designs that could be used in grownup bedrooms, living rooms, in fact anywhere you can think of ! And if you really can't find a design you like, they can even create a model yourself for a totally unique piece of wall art.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £19.99

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