Monday 30 August 2010

Hello Kitty Sleeping Bag

I've just been reviewing the Hello Kitty dome tent but Juliette thought all her Christmases had come at once because we also got a Hello Kitty sleeping bag to review. She immediately unrolled it and laid on the floor in it to watch TV, sucking her thumb. I asked if it was comfy and she nodded ... and five minutes later she was asleep so I guess that speaks volumes !

Sophie didn't want to get left out and wanted to try it out too. Instead of climbing out, Juliette just rolled over and told her sister to squeeze in next to her ! As you can see, they both managed to fit in there and do it up just about, so for one person it's very roomy indeed ! It's also lovely and thick so it would keep you snuggly and warm if you decide to sleep outside in your tent on a summer's evening. Juliette has been using hers in her tent for mid-afternoon naps and told me that it was very comfortable, even if she was laying on the floor, because the in-built pillow was nice for her head.

Juliette managed to "break" the zip the first time she used it but I think that was definitely more down to her being a bit too enthusiastic rather than the zip itself because it's been fine every other time since. I was actually impressed because I managed to wiggle the zip-pull all the way back to the start without messing up the zip, whereas lower-quality zips have given up the ghost and refused to work ever again once that has happened.

The sleeping bag comes in a handy storage bag which keeps it nice and small when not in use. It does take a lot of squeezing and squishing and pulling to manage to get it back inside the bag but, as Juliette has discovered, it takes a lot less time to get it back out again !

The bright pink and red colours, the huge Hello Kitty design and the extreme snuggliness of the sleeping bag are all really appealing to the girls and have led to it being permanently adopted for snuggling up on the settee or laying on the floor watching cartoons.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £19.99

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