Saturday 28 August 2010

YabbaYabba - Beautiful Children's Canvas Pictures

Writing a reviews blog as a mum can be a diplomatic minefield sometimes, when you receive something to review that you instinctively know will appeal to more than one of your children ! When this beautiful canvas wall print from Yabba Yabba arrived, I just knew that both 9-year-old Sophie and 5-year-old Juliette would fight over it - and I wasn't wrong ! Luckily, Juliette got some butterfly wall stickers to test a couple of weeks ago so I could say that it was only fair for Sophie to get this one. Phew, diplomatic crisis over !

I can totally understand why they both fell in love with it because it is so girlie-girlie and ticks all the right boxes - it's pink, cute and sparkly. What more could a girl ask for ?! You can't actually see in the picture but there are sparkly gems on the dragonflies' wings which add that extra special finishing touch when they glitter in the light.

This was the first time I'd heard of Yabba Yabba but I have to say, I'm very impressed with the general sturdiness of the product. The wooden frame is chunky and solid and the canvas is so tightly stretched that it makes a brilliant drum sound if you lightly tap your fingers on it !

They explain on their website that they take this high quality seriously : "Here at YabbaYabba we pride ourselves on our fantastic designs, coupled with our quality service. All our children's canvas pictures are available in various sizes: 10”, 12” and 16” square (using a 38mm thick stretched canvas), to allow you to choose something that is ‘just right’ for your little one’s room. YabbaYabba designs reflect your child’s personality as they are fun, bright, and beautiful. Look out for the extra special touches on some of our childrens pictures - which really help bring them to life. Let us spark your child’s imagination."

The beautiful dragonflies print that we received is actually part of a set of three Busy Bug designs, that goes with purple/yellow butterflies and green/pink lady bugs (or ladybirds, on this side of the Atlantic !). The trio of Busy Bugs designs would instantly transform an average girl's bedroom into a gorgeous girlie haven of loveliness. If bugs aren't your thing (although these are particularly lovely girlie bugs !), you could choose from their other designs which include cupcakes, daydream animals and the amazingly cute fairies set. Boys needn't feel left out either - they have the choice of Journey to the Moon, monsters or safari animals.

This is one of those websites that has you oohing and aahing the more you click as you discover more and more things that you know would look absolutely stunning in your kids' bedrooms, let alone all all over the house ! They have some really quirky and funky products that would make fabulous gifts, such as the personalised bunting or the cute fairy toadstool cushion. This is starting to sound like a sponsored post so I'd better stop gushing but if you go and have a look for yourselves, I'm sure you'll find just as many things that appeal to your cute side !

If you're really really quick, you can take advantage of a sale and competition currently running on their website but it all ends on Sunday so don't hang around !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £24.95 (but currently on special offer £19.95)

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