Sunday 29 August 2010

Clarks Daisy & Friends YoToY range - back to school shoes with a hidden doll in the sole !

September has swung around again and everyone's gone crazy buying school uniforms and other back to school essentials. Well, as usual, we decided it was time to fit the girls out with brand new shoes ready to go back to school with. Sophie, now aged 9, is an absolute nightmare for buying shoes for here in France, because she is a size 35. Most kids shoes go up to 34 and grown-up shoes (most of which are not at all suited to 9-year-olds because they have high heels or pointy toes) start at 36. Last time I asked a shoe shop assistant about this, she said "oh yes, it's always size 35 which is a pain to buy because it's in between child and adult sizes. You'll just have to hope she goes up a size quickly" ! I found that unbelievably stupid - how can they just write off a whole section of the buying population ?!

Well, I blogged a little while ago (here) about how Clarks take their child shoe-fitting so seriously so I vowed that we'd buy our next shoes there when we were next in Britain. I'm sick to death, not to mention ashamed, of the blisters and bunions Sophie has on her feet - yes, bunions, on a 9-year-old's feet when I thought they were reserved for old people !

Well, both Sophie and Juliette hopped on the measuring machines and got properly fitted out in some perfectly fitting shoes that are actually designed for kids. Result ! They both ended up getting shoes from the Daisy range which look very smart (and hard-wearing - I pointed out that they were both tomboys and got through shoes like nobody's business !) but they have a secret compartment in the sole of the shoe with a little doll in it. The girls thought this was so incredibly cool, as you can see below !

As they explain on the website, "Look inside your new YoToY shoes to find a hidden compartment in each sole. In one you'll find a secret Daisy doll, and in the other you'll find one of her best friends." Oh - so they must be sole mates ! (*groooans*!). You can learn all about the dolls online and even play their free online game Daisy Explores, using the code you'll find on the free pack of SpongeBob cards the lady in the Clarks shop gives you when you pay a visit.

So needless to say, the kids are happy, mum's happy - and hopefully it won't be too long before Sophie turns into Happy Feet again too !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : approx £30-36 depending on the model

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  1. Hi Cheryl, great read! My dear daughter Jasmine also owns a pair and i'm proud to say that it really puts a skip in her step now! In fact she's now overcome her crippling social anxiety as the dolls in her shoes are her best friends.

    1. Awww that's lovely, great news ! Hugs to your daughter! :)

  2. Hi Cheryl, great review! I was on the fence about buying these for my daughter Rosemary but you completely convinced me! It’s a great investment as she has really come out of her shell and now has non-imaginary friends (as well as the dolls). Thanks for your help!


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