Monday 30 August 2010

Hello Kitty Dome Tent

As you already know if you've read our Build a Bear Workshop review, Juliette absolutely loves Hello Kitty. You can therefore imagine how excited she was when I was sent a Hello Kitty tent to review. As a mum, I have to say I quite like the idea of a play tent too because it makes tidying up a kid's bedroom so much quicker - you just throw everything through the door when it's bedtime and tell them to sort it out the next day !

Needless to say, Juliette has been asking me to put up the tent ever since it arrived, so today I grabbed a moment to put it up. It literally did only take a couple of minutes, not counting the half hour needed to clear away a space big enough to set it up on the floor of her room ! If you've put up a play tent before, it's exactly the same system. You unfold and slot all the pole sections together to make two long bendy poles, slide them through the sleeves to diagonally opposite corners and stick the ends in the little holes. That's it ! It really is that quick and easy !

This tent is designed as an indoor play tent but also a proper outdoor camping tent, so it comes with tent pegs, a small tent hood and a fitted ground sheet. The front flap zips right open horizontally and vertically and there is an inner mesh flap that will help keep insects out.

It's really light and packs away into a small box so it's ideal to throw in the car for a weekend away at the grandparents' if you want to let the kids sleep outside in the garden and have an unforgettable adventure. It would also be perfect as a shelter from the sun/wind at the beach as it is so quick to put up, although be careful it doesn't get too hot inside or blow away in the wind, depending on the weather ! Sizewise, according to the box, it's approximately 150 x 120 x 90cm so it's plenty big enough for two kids to sleep in or three or four friends to play in comfortably.

As you can see, Juliette absolutely loves it and has spent the whole day in it so far ! I get a feeling she's going to ask to sleep in it tonight too because she's put her Hello Kitty sleeping bag in it already !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £19.99

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  1. my girls would absolutely love this !! as would i lol x

  2. should be portable enough to take to the beach

    1. It's all packed up in a kids' backpack sitting by the door ready for us tomorrow !lol


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