Tuesday 31 August 2010

Elastoplast 'Plaster with Healing Cream'

If you ask an American to name a brand of plasters, he's almost sure to say Band Aid but ask someone in Britain and the chances are he'll instantly come up with the name Elastoplast. It's like sellotape or hoovers - they are brand names that have come to represent the product they make generically. So they must be good plasters then !

Well, yes, they are - although as they have just proved, there's always room for improvement. They now have plasters with healing cream which are great for a number of reasons. You don't need to apply a separate healing or antiseptic cream so you save space in your first aid kit or bathroom drawer. You'll never again have to rummage around with a bleeding finger trying not to get blood everywhere while you locate the two separate products. And most importantly, it stops you accidentally squishing out too much cream so that the plaster doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of sticking to your skin !

We trialled them recently and I was really impressed with the general idea but I would have liked to have seen a box with smaller plasters or a selection of different sized plasters, as you would normally expect. Although the plaster was absolutely brilliant on Juliette's grazed arm that she scratched on a bramble, they were not really of a suitable size when Sophie snagged the edge of her toenail and made it bleed. I actually ended up cutting the plaster in half which was perfect but for convenience sake, it would be good to have smaller strips available.

Elastoplast tell us on their website that the cream supports moist wound healing and helps to heal faster than an ordinary plaster, also helping to avoid scarring. They are also waterproof and stick really well to the skin, not falling off in bed as often happens.

It's such a great and obvious idea that I'm amazed nobody has done it before !

star rating : 4/5 (one point docked for the lack of size options, otherwise top marks)

RRP : £2.55 for a pack of 12 plasters, each measuring 30 x 72 mm

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