Tuesday 31 August 2010

Hannah Montana Folding Scooter

Father Christmas won't have much left to bring at Christmas at this rate because all the things the girls could possibly have dreamed of asking for are being delivered for us to review ! Along with the absolutely adorable Hello Kitty tent and sleeping bag that I reviewed yesterday, they were overjoyed to discover a funky folding Hannah Montana scooter. You just need to look at the photos below to see what they thought of it !

The photo of Juliette on the right is just after it has been pulled out of the box and she was having a blast riding across the bubble wrap so it made a huge popping sound ! What is it they always say about kids playing with the packaging as much as the toy inside ?!

As you can see, it appeals to both girls, aged 9 and 5, equally, as much for the scooter as for the Hannah Montana graphics and (I quote) "really cool colours". I initially told Sophie that it was too small for her to use but within minutes, she'd worked out how to pull the handlebars up to a higher height setting so that it was OK for her too ! Having had a look myself, it actually has three different height settings so it can grow with your child which is great. It's still slightly on the small side for Sophie so an even higher setting would have been good but it's absolutely perfect for Juliette.

I've seen fold-up scooters before but I always thought they'd be really complicated to assemble or to fold back up again. Well, as Sophie shows, it's a piece of cake. You fit the handlebars into the slots so that they click into place. You find the purple release lever near the front wheel, unfold the scooter, lock it into place and that's it ! It's so quick and simple to assemble and fold that it's great for throwing in the car for quick trips to the park or the seafront (and so much easier than trying to fit bikes in the back of the car !). Anyone who takes big kids' toys like bikes or scooters on holiday with them will love the space-saving aspect.
The girls have only had three-wheeled scooters up to now so they love the "grown-up" status of the two-wheeler. You'll have to remember to warn them that a two-wheeled scooter won't stand up by itself when you let go of it though - Juliette keeps forgetting and letting it crash to the floor, which could be disastrous if she's standing next to the car or someone's foot !

All in all, it's a great space-saving scooter that will get the kids out into the fresh air running around and burning off some energy that really appeals to their girlie side. If you have a particularly tall child, you might wantto try it out in store to check that the handlebars are high enough but that's my only very slight reservation.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £20

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