Saturday 6 February 2016

A winning beginning to the year !

Lucky Charms, Chocolate with Five Clover Hats
In 2014 I won absolutely loads ... so much so that I did a monthly "here's what I won this month" prize roundup. I don't think I entered fewer competitions last year but I won basically nothing - possibly a handful of prizes and even then, they were all blogger competitions - so I decided to have a proper go at comping in the run up to Christmas and during January and see if I could boost my luck a bit for 2016. Well, it seemed to pay off - despite not having the time (or patience) to enter the advent giveaways, I got a few wins at the end of December and a few more in January.

My first win was a useful one. A fabulous Cheerios family calendar from their instant win competition which I love because it has a personal photo on each month.

Next was a7-day Slimfast starter pack as a surprise win for being on their mailing list.

My only advent win was a goodie bag from containing a beanie (which Sophie pinched !), a notebock, a card wallet and a pen.

I got a WEM telling me that I'd won the monthly Crazy Jack's recipe competition for my Ethiopian recipe. This lovely selection of goodies arrived in the post - I wonder if I can come up with another winning entry with them !

The foodie wins continued when I received a lovely hamper of haggis from Macsween for sharing some recipes on twitter. 

I won a fabulous prize next - a £100 amazon voucher from FlexiOffices :)

Another useful prize - a set of three Arts & Crafts tea towels, worth £19.50 per set, from the V&A Shop via Homes & Antiques on twitter

And finally, a prize that I donated to someone else because it was in Manchester - a free breakfast from @bangersandbacon for Breakfast Week

This has definitely inspired me to keep on entering competitions throughout the year. Maybe I'll win some prizes on my wishlist : a Fitbit, running shoes, clothes, foodie hamper, crime fiction, Lush goodies, a onesie, bedding ... :)

Have you had any good wins recently?


  1. Big well done! I won two bottles in advents, and that was all, and I entered religiously every day. This month I won a Dualit toaster, which is fab.

  2. Congratulations, lovely wins! I won a Cheerio calendar too!The biggest win I've had this year is a set of Bionicle Lego.

  3. fab :)
    I managed to win a minion toy from frubes yoghurt comp in dec then one in jan and one this month as well,so from the 6 boxes Ive bought I won 3 prizes
    feeling lucky :)


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