Tuesday 23 February 2016

The February Pawsomebox (review)

February's Pawsomebox arrived at The Madhouse last week and Vicky is starting to recognise the boxes. She couldn't wait to investigate.

And it wasn't long before Didou came and poked his nose in too ! I'm sure they've got wise to the fact that there are always some tasty treats hiding inside, waiting to be gobbled up !

Pierre is always more interested in discovering the new toys though, and in this box there were two - a very cute squeaky soft toy, that Pierre is debating keeping for himself, and a fun InterTough donut frisbee (a 2-in-1 frisbee with a rope ball toy attached) which will be great fun when the warmer and above all drier weather kicks in.

As usual, the doggies were more mesmerised by the snacks ! They got some peanut butter bones and some FluoFresh dental hygiene chew sticks in this box, both of which got a very warm reception.

Look at how well behaved he is, not taking them from the table while I photograph them.

Oh, maybe not then !

The final products were intriguing. First of all, we discovered Drinkies - healthy infused water for dogs, including herbs such as devils claw, rose petals and seaweed. It's not something I'd ever have though of buying but they seemed to like it and it's certainly a healthier option than drinking out of muddy puddles when out and about ! The final product was from Biogance, a brand I am getting quite familiar with through the Pawsomeboxes. This box featured their Clean Pads product, a spray for dogs, cats and other small animals' feet, designed to reinforce and hydrate their pads and heal any small wounds. Again, not something I'd ever have thought of, but it's great for offering some protection to their soft tootsies before going out on icy cold or jagged terrain on winter walks.

 As well as Pawsomeboxes for pampered pooches, there are also Purrfectboxes for coddled kitties available. A monthly subscription costs £19.90, six-monthly works out at £17.90 per month and yearly is the equivalent of £15.90 per month, including delivery. You can get a £5 discount off your first box with the code ukbcskkv. We've received several Pawsomeboxes to review now so click through to my "pets" category to see the contents of previous boxes.

for more information : https://pawsomebox.co.uk/

Disclosure : We received a box in order to write an honest review.


  1. I received one of these boxes it came with Christmas toys in but arrived at the end of January. The toys included were very small and in no way suitable for my German Shepherd despite them asking the breed before dispatch. I cant really complain as i did recieve it as a prize but it didnt encourage me to subscribe.

    1. Aww that's a shame. It sounds like there was a mix-up somewhere because we've had some very robust rope pull toys that would be ideal for bigger dogs. You can actually get a sneak peek of what's in the upcoming box before you sign up now, unless you want to keep the suspense going.


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