Friday 25 November 2016

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 25/11

I was convinced that we still had four weeks until the Christmas holidays so I was very happy to learn that in fact, there are only three weeks left. That's the good news but the bad news is, before then, I have to fill in all the school reports and go to lots of after school meetings. Planning ahead and thinking of some quick-to-throw-together meals will be on the cards for the next few weeks then. For this week, I've gone through my bookmarked recipes - they're all things that have caught my eye on blogs and websites that I read and some have been bouncing around in my drafts folder for over 2 years, which explains why I have so many unfinished posts in there !


lunch - our traditional weekly trip to McDonald's to ease into the weekend

dinner - homemade soup - I found a bag of red lentils lurking at the back of the cupboard so I might do something with lentils and bacon

lunch - the Madhouse grandparents will be over so it'll be roast dinner with all the trimmings

dinner - leftover soup if there is any or nibbly bits from the fridge (ham, cheese, crackers, olives, crisps, cherry tomatoes, grapes, etc)


dinner - binagoongan talong with java rice, a pork dish, from my Philippines-themed Kitchen Trotter box


dinner - Diet Coke Chicken - I've seen so many people raving about this that I'm intrigued and want to give it a go ! - with veg and maybe noodles, or leftover Java rice if there is some


lunch - Zurchergeschnetzeltes, which is a bit of a mouthful ! it's a creamy meat dish from Switzerland, usually served with rösti (potato cakes)

dinner - soup or leftovers


dinner - Breaded harissa cod with red onion and lemon couscous


dinner - One Pan Crispy Parmesan Garlic Chicken with Vegetables

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  1. Lots of delicious delights
    Ill try your fish recipes as i never know what to do with it

    1. My husband much prefers meat to fish so I have to try to tempt him with exciting recipes !!


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