Friday 4 November 2016

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 4/11

Back to work and school (except for Madhouse Daddy, who is still off sick until Tuesday after his op). Monday and Tuesday are parent-teacher evenings so it'll be late getting home and I won't want to cook anything complicated - in fact, hopefully Madhouse Daddy can cook a big vat of veggie soup that will do for both days. (Otherwise I'll plan ahead and make some on Sunday night.)


lunch - probably back to McDonald's this week - apparently it's Shopkins in the Happy Meals so Juliette is all excited !

dinner - baked potatoes with tuna & sweetcorn or beans & cheese


lunch - probably the usual roast, I'd guess chicken or pork, but we did end up having lamb last week in the end

dinner - smorging aka fridge grazing


dinner - parent-teacher evening so I won't be home until 9pm so it'll be soup of some shape or form


dinner - same as yesterday so leftover soup


lunch - Spanish chicken and potatoes

dinner - Time to play with my Philippines-themed Kitchen Trotter kit - bilagoongan talong (a pork dish) with java rice


dinner - smoked sausage/chorizo & veg  stir fry with rice or pasta


dinner - Sinigang Soup (also from the Kitchen Trotter box)

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  1. Soups are great in the winter. Cheap, easy , and tasty, especially on the second day. I would recommend you look at Borsch , which of course is generic so you can adapt it to your own tastes.

    1. Great idea, I haven't tried making borscht (but I did eat some in Poland) so I'll investigate :)


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