Thursday 15 December 2016

Have yourselves a Num Noms little Christmas ! #NumNomsAdvent

I can still remember my first advent calendars that I thought were the bees' knees when I was a kid growing up in the seventies, even though they just had glittery festive pictures inside. These days, it seems to be pretty much standard to have a little chocolate hiding behind each door and even so, the Madhouse kids still always seem pretty much underwhelmed. Well, this year has totally wowed everyone, thanks to the amazing #NumNomsAdvent parcel that was delivered at the start of December.

Hiding inside were twenty-four surprise packages, some big, some small, and none of them were numbered so they could choose which one they'd open first. It was a huge dilemma - should they save the best till last or start the month off with a bang, knowing that we'd be opening all our Christmas presents at the end of Advent anyway ?!

Hmmm. Which one would you pick first ?

 Well, it was a bit of a no-brainer for Juliette to be honest - she went straight for the big one and was delighted to discover Series 2 Fun Fair Treats, with 3 scented Nums - Cara Melly, Pinky Puffs and Papa Corn, and a motorised Nom (Peanut Go-Go), which can all be stacked up to make delicious (or weird and wonderful) smelling foodie combinations.

Today's surprise was a 3d eraser burger set which comes with a burger and fries that look just like they have come from McDonald's.

 Juliette is loving seeing her collection grow every day, as she discovers another surprise gift to open. I think I'll definitely have to look at creating a mini-gift-a-day style of advent calendar next year, having seen how much excitement it has been generating !

It has also been inspiring the kids to get creative with their breakfasts - they have a rummage through the Num Noms to see which ingredients would work well together then look in the kitchen to see what they can make with them. There have been some surprisingly tasty creations, such as this  Num Noms Fruit Salad - a mixture of Nana Pop (banana), Wild Berry Freezie (dried wonder berries), Kiwi Freezie (kiwi fruit) and OJ Pop (orange juice).

Or this Creamy Froo-yo (fruity yogurt), inspired by Creamy Pop (yogurt), Nana Pop (banana) and Wild Berry Freezie (dried wonder berries). The Num Noms have to come along to supervise breakfast time of course !

We can't wait to find out what else is hiding in our #NumNomsAdvent package ... excitement is reaching fever pitch !

Disclosure : We received a #NumNomsAdvent package in return for a blogpost.

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