Wednesday 7 December 2016

Revisiting Tunisia with Kitchen Trotter this month

This month's Kitchen Trotter destination is Tunisia, a country we have already visited in real life (we went to Zarzis, just next to Djerba, in 2012 - click through to see our photos) so we already knew some of the recipes. It won't be any hardship to revisit them though as they are things that the whole family enjoyed eating.

A bag of soft figs (I remember eating fresh figs, warm from the sun, on holiday, that were so ripe they split open as soon as you picked them up) and frik, a type of couscous made from barley. There should also have been some dates but they were left out of the parcel by accident so they'll be arriving separately.

There were three jars in this box - Berber harissa, a spicy red sauce made from crushed chillis, garlic and spices; mechouia salad, a mixture of grilled marinated vegetables; and a tin of ground caraway, which has a fragrance reminiscent of citrus fruit and aniseed.

After a Tunisian feast, it's time to recreate the hammam with this exfoliating kessa glove and a bar of Baraka Black Seed Oil soap.

On to the all important recipes : 

Mechouia Blankit, which look like a Tunisian take on bruschetta - grilled bread topped with cheese, olives, marinated vegetables and boiled egg.

Merguez (spicy sausage) chakchouka, a dish that we first discovered in Morocco, that I blogged about here, and have since made on a number of occasions.

Chorba frik, a rich soup of lamb, barley and vegetables, to warm your heart and soul. 

Makrout, a date stuffed Tunisian biscuit

These look like some great winter warmers that the whole family will enjoy. I'll be back to share the recipes with you very soon.


  1. Very exciting! From that general (very general!) area of the world, I've tried far more Middle Eastern and Greek food than North African, but what I have I've loved, the flavours are wonderful.

    1. I have lots of Moroccan recipes in my recipe index, but not much from Tunisia - they're very similar cuisines though


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