Monday 19 December 2016

Sea Bands, for all types of nau-Sea-a (review)

As a dual-nationality French/English family, we can frequently be found bobbing across the Channel, so we can vouch for the fact that Sea Bands are highly effective at preventing sea sickness. In fact, when we're sorting out our essentials just before we leave, it's always "passports? yep ... reservation number for the ferry? yep ... seabands? yep, they're already on !". It's not just a case of being over-excited about getting on the ferry (although there's a big degree of that too !) - despite their name, Sea Bands work on all types of nausea, including travel sickness by car and coach.

They're also very helpful if you're pregnant and suffering from morning sickness. Every pregnancy is unique and some women experience only mild nausea and a lucky few none at all, but for others, symptoms can be more severe and last throughout their pregnancy. The term ‘morning sickness’ can be rather misleading too, as only 30 per cent of women experience morning sickness before noon, with 30 per cent experiencing the inconvenience of pregnancy nausea either later in the day or continuously throughout the day.

Morning sickness can also lead to women restricting once much-loved foods. Of those surveyed, 1 in 10 women were often unable to eat any hot food and 30 per cent were unable to stomach favourites like bacon and spicy dishes. One in four women said that strong odours could trigger their morning sickness; unsurprisingly cigarette smoke emerged as the most common trigger, with fish odours coming a close second. Not great news over Christmas, when there are rich smells of roast turkey and Christmas pudding wafting around the house and what seems like a week of constant eating on the cards !

Generations of women have shared tried and tested remedies for morning sickness, with 40 per cent of women opting for dry toast or a plain biscuit before getting up each morning, while 35 per cent drink plenty of fluids to help alleviate their queasiness. My doctor suggested a ginger biscuit and a glass of flat coke on the bedside table before getting up, but I don't think it helped much !

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) has also confirmed the helpfulness of acupressure, along with other complementary remedies such as ginger in their new guidance. (Maybe my doctor wasn't so far off the mark then !) The Sea-Band acupressure wrist band provides a natural choice and is recommended by midwives and pregnant women around the world.

Whatever nausea challenges you may face over Christmas, Sea-Band can provide a safe and effective way to combat morning sickness, travel sickness and even post-operative and chemotherapy-induced nausea. I don't think it would work on self-induced hangover nausea though, but you could always give it a try !

· Available from all major retailers and online
· Adult Sea-Band available from Boots: £8.59
· Child Sea-Band available from Boots : £8.59
· Sea-Bands are the natural choice for drug free relief of all types of nausea
- Natural relief
- No side effects
- Effective
- Reusable
- Washable

· For more information about types of nausea and forms of prevention, visit the Sea-Band website:

Disclosure : We received some Sea Bands in order to write an honest review. We already had some but they were looking a bit frayed after years of use !

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