Saturday 17 December 2016

PNP Magic Bauble Surprise review #PortableNorthPole #iBelievePNP

We discovered PNP - Portable North Pole - several years ago and since then, it's become an integral part of the Christmas preparations here at The Madhouse. If you're unfamiliar with the website, you can make a totally personalised video message from Santa for your child, including photos and choosing parts of the script so that it really seems as if he is talking directly to your child. You also get to see behind-the-scenes at the North Pole with the hilarious elves who are guaranteed to have you giggling with their mad antics ! Then there is the all important, nail-biting moment when your child discovers whether he is on the "naughty", "nice" or "not sure" list. I always have great fun making the videos for all the family (there are cheeky grown-up versions available too !) and absolutely love watching the younger kids' eyes twinkling with delight when they discover them. You can opt for a free version or a longer paid version which has more options available. 

This year, you can also buy a range of enchanting PNP gifts, including soft toys, slippers, elf doors and good deed jars, at John Lewis, which come complete with a code (for the grown-ups) to create a premium message from Santa.

We received a beautifully presented gift box from PNP a few weeks ago, which was the cause of great excitement !

Inside the box was a festive red and gold tree decoration, proudly showing the PNP logo and "I Believe in Santa" catchphrase.

When you crack open the bauble, you find a bag of chocolate coins inside, covered in gold paper and embossed with a unique "Portable North Pole" design on one side and "I Believe in Santa" with a picture of Father Christmas on the back. As it comes with a code to create a premium message, when the Madhouse kids discovered the bauble, this magically coincided with receiving their video message from the Man In Red (well done Mum !).

The Magic Bauble Surprise costs £5 and would make a great stocking filler. To check out the rest of the PNP range, head over to John Lewis or the PNP website.

Disclosure : We were gifted a PNP Magic Bauble but I blog about them every year anyway !

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