Wednesday 28 December 2016

My Goodreads 2016 Challenge ... blown out of the water !

I've always been a bookworm but it wasn't until I signed up for the Goodreads reading challenge a few years ago that I realised just how prolific a reader I am ! I always choose 52 books in a year as my target but a book a week still seems extremely ambitious to me. This year once again, I not only hit my target but exceeded it, coming in at 62 books. (It says 61 above because I still have about 50 pages left of my current book but that will be finished by the end of the week.) That's one book every 5.9 days, which I think is very impressive !

I always like to look back over the books I've read so I thought I'd put together a roundup. Click on the book names to read my reviews and, if you've read any of them, please do share your comments below. I always love to compare notes and see what other people thought.












You can also see what I read in 20152014 and 2013


  1. Big well done! I have been seeing your progress on Good Reads and cheering for you! I am seven books behind, though to be honest, I have started at least a dozen books which I didn't bother to finish, and they don't add to the final score.
    At the moment I am reading three books. Not sure I'll finish one more before the end of the year. I think for the next year I'll go for a lower number. :) I admire your reading zeal!

    1. It's a bit of a vicious circle - I read lots so I get sent lots to review but then I have to finish them all fairly swiftly so my "to be read" pile never goes down !Definitely not complaining though :)


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