Sunday 2 July 2017

A-moo-zing (and slightly worrying !) things kids think about cows & Adopt a cow with Cadbury's Buttons

Kids certainly do say the funniest things. Even as a teacher of 11-14 year olds, I still have odd moments in the classroom where I wonder if the kids really don't know something that is (to me) blindingly obvious or if they're winding me up. For example, the time I asked the class to name some animals that live in Australia and they said giraffe and then polar bear. Well, maybe in Melbourne Zoo ! Or when they wouldn't believe that Native Americans don't live in teepees any more. Or that New York isn't the capital of America. Or that there has already been a female president of the USA (Michelle Obama). Or that the last president was called Barack O' Bama (maybe he had Irish ancestors).

I was therefore amused but not all that surprised by some of the howlers that 4-8 year olds came out with when questioned about cows in some recent research. A third of children (33 per cent) don’t know that milk comes from cows, with nearly one in five believing it comes straight from the fridge or supermarket (18 per cent). When it comes to their appearance, one in 10 believe that a cow is the size of a double decker bus and over 10 per cent think they’re as small as cats. The research also revealed that 1 in 8 children (12 per cent) from London are unaware that cows moo. These humorous findings suggest that children haven’t yet had the opportunity to learn about cows as many may have limited access to them, particularly in inner cities.

On the back of this research, Cadbury Buttons have just launched an exciting new campaign called ‘Adopt a Cow'. 23,000 cows produce the fresh British and Irish milk that is used to make Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons and through the Adopt a Cow initiative, 20 families will get the chance to meet one of the Cadbury cows in real life. All chocolate fans need to do is buy one of the promotional packs and enter the unique code from the back of packs onto the website. If you're lucky, you may win a cool family glamping experience where you can meet the cow and do fun activities. 

Sounds pretty *amoozing* to me. (Sorry, I've got to *milk* these cow puns while I can !)

for more infor-moo-tion :

Disclosure : Cadbury offered to send me some Dairy Milk Buttons. Sadly not a cow. I quite fancy having a cow on the patio !


  1. Love your sense of humour 😊. Sounds like a great opportunity. My grand mother had a cow on a farm when growing up, always remember when she tried to teach me how to get the milk out. 😊

  2. Children can be so funny, my older brother told me that cows laid potatoes and pigs laid sausages in the sameway chickens laid eggs, I believed this for years until I made a fool out of myself at school!

  3. LOL I love the idea of pigs laying sausages like eggs !!

  4. My children come out with the funniest things to my Connor is 12, megan is four and Mollie is four months, she can't talk yet but Connor and megan ask some funny questions or say the funniest things xxx

  5. Kids do say the funniest things. 😂


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