Tuesday 18 July 2017

Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Mobile Game & Trading Card (review) #MoshiMonstersMadness

Forget bears, this summer, we're going on an egg hunt ! Not just any old eggs either - these are Moshi Monster Eggs.

The well-known and well-loved monster collecting game has introduced two new ways to play this summer, with both a new free-to-download app and a new collection of trading cards.

Series 1 of the trading cards are now available and come in pretty pinky-purple foil blind packs of eight cards.

I opened up two random packs and here's what we got - there is a nice mixture of monsters, accessories and "rox" that act as money.

On the back of each card, there is a scratch panel hiding a code that will enable you to redeem these items in the accompanying app. You can scratch it off and use it yourself or leave it intact and swap the cards with your friends. Inside each pack, you are also guaranteed to get a rare shiny card.

We had a good giggle at some of the things in our packs - a bike, jelly baked beans and a dessert island all sound good (and yes, I did spell that right !), but I'm not sure about eye pie - ewww ! 

The app is quick to install and you get to name your new Moshling friends.

You can decorate your room - this is where the codes on the cards come into their own, for buying and unlocking fun items.

You can earn extra rox currency in fun little mini games and puzzles within the app.

There's something new every time you play, as you can hatch a new egg every day. You can interact with them, feeding them, washing them and even cleaning up their poo !

To help build up your collection, you can even add your friends' Moshlings to your own collection because each personalised character has its own shareable code.  To celebrate the Moshi Monster’s Egg Hunt Mobile Game launch, Moshi Monsters are giving away an EGGSclusive unique code every Saturday to redeem a mystery Moshling. If you've missed a secret code video, you can catch up here :

Get Burnie the Fiery Frazzledragon here: https://youtu.be/EjedHtETZtU
Get Splutnik the Spaced-brained Zoshling here: https://youtu.be/V9TmMpr74c4
Get CocoLoco the Naughty Nutter here: https://youtu.be/t1tGJeGcTwk
Get Judder the Unhinged Jackhammer here: https://youtu.be/0nqgioo__Ws
Get Slurpy the Lickity Lizard here: https://youtu.be/nj_Szs9lcKc

One final piece of news - there will be a twitter party tomorrow and I'm one of the hosts @cherylp59 so you'll have the chance to win prizes if you follow my twitter feed and the #MoshiMonstersMadness hashtag. How eggsciting is that ?! 

Disclosure : I received some trading cards in order to write an honest review.


  1. This review as roarsome!
    I can't wait to purchase some of the cards myself, and assist in the making of money from a 100% free app.
    Very exciting, and I only wish there were more cute Moshlings to see! =^-^=

  2. My children had a pack each of these free in the post, I don't know where they came from, and I didn't know you used them with an app, I'll have to download it for them xxx

  3. Heer Dhameliya

  4. It's great to see regular updates and fresh content on this website.


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