Wednesday 26 July 2017

Check out these beardy-weirdies ! (Braun S3 #Shave&Style review)

Braun sent a lovely surprise in the post for Madhouse Daddy recently - their S3 Shave&Style, which is a 3-in-1 Electric Cordless Wet and Dry Shaver with Precision Trimmer and 5 Comb Attachments.

These allow you to choose between clean shaving or your desired stubble length for precision beard trimming and styling so that you can get the exact look you want. To give us some inspiration, they included a pack of beard cards in the box and the extended Madhouse family were in fits of giggles trying out some new looks.

I give you ... Madhouse Grandad. This actually quite suits him, in a weird sort of way.

My sister Emily - this is just freaky !

Her boyfriend Jordan, doing a good impression of David Bellamy "in the shwubbery".

This is my favourite - my mum looks like an honorary member of the Hairy Bikers !

But she could also get a bit in Planet of the Apes or a dodgy western !

All Jordan needs is a bit of designer stubble and he could perfect the wannabe boys band look.

Emily looks ready to jump on a Harley Davidson and go vrooming off into the sunset.

Er no, that just killed that one !

All he needs is a parrot on his shoulder - Johnny Depp, eat your heart out !

If this motley crew haven't put you off beards for life, check out @Braun_Grooming and the #Shave&Style hashtag to see how everyone else is styling it out.

Disclosure : We were gifted a Braun Shave&Stye and a pack of beard cards.


  1. They are totally freaky, these beard cards, lol. Your family are great sport to pose for you!

    1. They had me in hysterics. They're really realistic, even on the women !

  2. Ah these are hilarious....would love to try them out on my family. Although I don't think they would be as willing participants are your family.

  3. My partner has a braun shaver like this, its fantastic, the only difference is his doesn't have the different comb attachments, I love the photos too xxx


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