Sunday 9 July 2017

Globecooking recipe : Oblande (Serbia)

Oblande is a deceptively simple, no-bake sweet treat from The Balkans, which I discovered in the recipes of my Serbian-themed Kitchen Trotter box.

It required one ingredient from the box - a pack of big, rectangular wafer sheets. I've never seen them in the UK or France, but at a pinch, you could use the smaller ice cream wafers, as they get chopped into smaller pieces at the end anyway.


ingredients :

wafer sheets
160g sugar
130ml water
70g dried breadcrumbs
130g ground walnuts
70g ground hazelnuts
80g butter or margarine

Put the sugar and water in a saucepan and bring to the boil.

Throw in the breadcrumbs, ground nuts and margarine/butter, chopped into small pieces. I used up the end of a bag of ground peanuts that was in the cupboard.

Mix well, leave to simmer for a few minutes then transfer to a bowl and leave to cool for at least an hour.

Spread the whole surface of a wafer sheet with the nut mixture, then lay another sheet on top. 

Repeat until you run out of ingredients.

Cut into strips.

Then into squares or the traditional diamond shapes.

There were a couple of wafer sheets left over so the kids made some more with Nutella in place of the nutty mixture.

If you make the filling in advance, this is a great little project for the kids as it requires no more skill than making a sandwich !

Fancy trying some more Serbian cuisine? How about Ajvar Tarts?

Adding to this month's #KItchenClearout linky as it used up some ground peanuts that were lurking in the cupboard.

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